Whether you're redecorating, remodeling or building a new home, if you're one of those people who likes to get a good deal, here are some tips:

Allow yourself plenty of time to do the project. This gives you more time to shop for good opportunities, and it also means your options won't be limited based on what's available at the time you need it.

Ask local showrooms about discontinued or scratch & dent items. Some showrooms have a bunch of these items stashed in their warehouse. Example: Did you know Mountainland Design has a big annual sale to clear out their warehouse. You can find appliances, sinks, faucets, and plumbing fixtures for an incredible price. 

Look for overstock materials. Example: Both Contempo Tile and Bedrosians have overstock items that you can purchase at a greatly discounted price, a great option for a small space.

Shop the sales. Local retailers will have plenty of sales, especially during holiday seasons. Planning far enough in advance will give you enough time to take advantage of some of these sales.


Use local craftsman. We have an amazing group of talented artists here in Utah.  And their prices are often a fraction of what you'd pay for the same level of quality elsewhere. For example, this chair made by Thos. Moser is $1,450 + shipping, while a somewhat similar style chair is made locally by Ivory Bill Furniture for $1,000 (and it's local so you can avoid freight fees and pick it up at the shop, while meeting the incredible craftsman, Clayton Thompson, at the same time). Both pieces are handmade, unique, beautiful and incredibly comfortable, yet shopping local makes a big difference in the price.  Don't get me wrong here, Thos. Moser is a quality brand that deserves a ton of respect for their dedication to craftsmanship and style.

Reuse/recycle. One man's trash is another man's treasure, right? Shop KSL classified, consignment shops, etc. Even just sharing your project with friends and neighbors may lead to great opportunities. (I just inherited 2 great industrial pendants from a friend who knew I was remodeling my own kitchen.)

Allow at least 1 "Splurge" item. It's about balance. A whole house of Ikea looks like an Ikea showroom. But a few Ikea items may save you money that you can then put towards that sofa or table or kitchen appliance that you really, really wanted. (Disclaimer: There are many things I wouldn't recommend Ikea for, based on quality and durability, but there is often a place for a little bit of Ikea in a project.)

This great space is a perfect example. The Ikea Expedit bookshelf (no longer available) is mixed with an Eames lounge chair and custom artwork. By Design Manifest.

Hire a designer! Despite what you think, a qualified interior designer can actually save you money. Designers can help you maximize your budget to get the best bang for your buck. AND we have connections and resources that you've never even heard of. AND we get great pricing so you often pay less than retail for furniture and accessories.

In the end, remember that the most expensive mistake you can make is regret. Don’t buy something just because it’s a good deal, if it means you won’t get what you really wanted.

Nicole Zeigler Google , ASID, NCIDQ, CKBR is the owner / lead designer at enzy design,LLC; a full service interior design firm, with a specialty in kitchen and bathroom design. enzydesign.com

This post was originally published on utahstyleanddesign.com.