Everyone remembers the restaurant scene with Jack Nicholson in FIve Easy Pieces, right?

If you don't, you should watch it now and remember it.

It lends resonance to what happened to my colleague Jaime Winston yesterday. Here's Jaime's letter to Subway:

"I’m a frequent visitor to Subway and have not experienced any issues until today.
I noticed the $4.50 Deal of the Day was a six-inch turkey and ham sandwich, which came with a 21 oz. beverage and chips.
This seemed like a great deal, so I wanted to take advantage of it. I do not eat ham, based on my religious beliefs, so I asked for the Deal of the Day, minus ham. I was quickly informed by an employee that I could not subtract ham from the sandwich. I didn’t understand why, as I saw ham and turkey in separate containers and it would actually save the employee time to leave ham off. The employee suggested I get the sandwich with ham and take it off myself. This seemed like a silly suggestion when the ham could be saved for another customer. 
I soon learned ham could not be subtracted at the register, and that was the reason I was told I had to get ham. I later told an employee I didn’t care if ham appeared on my receipt, just my sandwich. In addition, I did not want anything to replace the ham or to add anything else.
An employee finally agreed to leave ham off the sandwich, but ring it up as if it had ham. 
This was a very weird experience. I highly suggest Subway give employees the ability to subtract items from the Deal of the Day do to dietary or religious restrictions, such as mine, and avoid headaches like this."

Fast food. Their way, so to speak.I know, who expects good service in a fast food restaurant?

Still, advice to Jaime: I wouldn't try ordering the iced tea at this place.