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Jul 21st 2011

This is the Place - For Pioneers (...and Pie and Beers)

Oh, July. Thank you for not only giving us two celebratory holidays this month - but thank you for making them both fall on a Sunday, resulting in not one, but two long weekends. Part 2 of our independence/pioneer summer celebration falls this Sunday, making for a whole week of fireworks, fun and yes, for a few - beer. If you aren't planning a BBQ, here's a few options to keep you busy this weekend: Read More

Jul 14th 2011

Summer Jam Sessions - Snowbird Presents the 3rd Annual Mountain Music Festival

Summer weekends are certainly not dull in Salt Lake or Park City these days. From festivals to farmers markets, it seems like there is always something going on and something to do. Even more fun? The fact that a lot of these happenings are taking place at venues typically known for their winter activities. One of my favorite summer venues (which seems to be a bit of an oxymoron to those who have yet to learn that its more than just slopes) is Snowbird Ski and yes...Summer Resort. Read More

Jul 13th 2011

The Twilight Alternative: Canyons Outdoor Concerts

We've officially hit the T-28 hours mark til the madness that is the Twilight Concert Series takes over downtown SLC. Better late than never, the stages and security are being set in place at Pioneer Park as we speak and the music-loving crowd (and every other person in SLC) is planning their Twilight attack plan to take on the sure-to-be-overcrowded concert tomorrow night. Don't get me wrong, I too, am a Twilight fanatic - but I am fully aware of the fact that many steer-so-clear of a good 50+ mile radius of Pioneer Park on Thursday nights in the summer time. (Oh, and have I mentioned the guy with the snake at the Modest Mouse concert last year? Please DO NOT bring your pet boa constrictor to this year's series sir, not okay.) Read More

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