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Dec 03rd 2010

Hey Good Lookin'

What makes someone attractive? Is it hair? Clothes? Maybe that little glint in someone's eyes? Feet (Hey, some people like that)? Read More

Dec 01st 2010

Time for a Tea Party

If your anything like me you use the holiday's as the perfect excuse to dress up, get out and do something special. Read More

Nov 30th 2010

House Gallery: A Work of Art

Ever looked around your house and thought , 'I could start a gallery with all this art?' Artists and collectors, alike, often share the dream of starting their own piece of  art. Local artist, Julie Dunker, did just that. Three years ago she started the aptly named 'House Gallery' in her basement. The gallery has quickly expanded beyond its small perimeters into an independent entity in downtown Salt Lake near the Green Pig Pub. Read More

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