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Oct 26th 2010

Review Muah ha ha ha: Pioneer Theatre's Dracula

You usually don't expect to be spooked at the theater unless you're on a Halloween ghost tour and you know the place is haunted. Pioneer Theatre Company's Dracula (running now through Nov. 6), however, might make you squirm and put a chill in your veins. Read More

Oct 19th 2010

Tyler Hilton: Concert Review, Video, Interview, All For You

Elvis in Walk the Line, sure, but it's hard to believe Tyler Hilton played surly Murphy in the 2007 indie flick, Charlie Bartlett. Hilton played the school bully, complete with mohawk and fisty-cuffs at the ready. Don't get me wrong, Hilton's acting was great, but you couldn't find a nicer actor out there, and especially one who's also a singer/songwriter who doesn't just pen his own music, but who writes uplifting, the-world-is-your-oyster lyrics to boot. Read More

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