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Aug 18th 2010

If You're Bored: Bachelor Pad Lexicon

Call it curiosity, but I watched Monday night's episode (the second installment) of Bachelor Pad, where former cast members (er, castoffs) of ABC's Bachelor and Bachelorette are set against each other in a competition for $250,000, Survivor style (with a Big Brother twist). Read More

Aug 17th 2010

Oh, Healthcare: Even if you don't have it, use it

I don't really even know how to start this blog post, so I'll just go with what I know. I'm not an expert on healthcare reform and I know our country's healthcare system, well, in my opinion, it sucks. I know Obama's healthcare reform bill passed in late March, but also that most of the effects aren't set to take place until 2014. Read More

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