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May 17th 2011

International Space Station

Our publisher John Shuff loves sharing the most interesting things he finds with our readers. And we definitely agree, this one's pretty amazing. Read More

May 05th 2011

Too beautiful for words

The sun is finally out, and it's finally time to plant our gardens. For some green-thumb inspiration, our publisher John Shuff found these amazing photos of a giant carpet of flowers in Brussels. Read More

May 01st 2011

Signs of a Stroke—STR and another T

Salt Lake magazine publisher John Shuff was sent these potentially life-saving tips for recognizing a stroke and asked for them to be shared with our readers. As you can read in the story below, strokes often come on subtly, so it's important to be prepared. Read More

Apr 18th 2011

You'll love this third grade song

Our publisher John Shuff found this song by third graders in Virginia online and asked us to share it with readers. It's a tribute to the brave men and women fighting for our country. We hope it not only gets you thinking, but puts you in a great mood the rest of the day. Read More

Feb 15th 2011

Engineering marvel

Our publisher John Shuff finds some the most spectacular items on the Internet and shares them with our readers. That's why he couldn't wait to publish these photos of the Hoover Dam bridge between Arizona and Nevada. Read More

Feb 10th 2011

The death of common sense

Our publisher John Shuff found this piece to be a thoughtful reminder that too often common sense is overtaken by laws that paralyze our nation and our behavior. Read on, and see what you think. Read More

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