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Jun 10th 2011

Saturday Night Fever & Disco Party at Peery's Egyptian Theater

Get out your platform shoes and take a stroll down memory lane. Peery's Egyptian Theater in Ogden is having a double dose of 70's on Saturday, June 18. The theater is showing Saturday Night Fever (1977), rated R, at 7 PM. The film, starring John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney, will be followed by a disco party in the Ogden Eccles Conference Center (Club OEC). Read More

Jun 10th 2011

Upcoming: Daniel Ramjoue' art at Red Butte

Daniel Ramjoue' art images will be at an upcoming art exhibit at Red Butte Garden, located at 300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake. The artwork shows off Ramjoue's stunning floral pictures. Take a look at this: Read More

Jun 07th 2011

Ben Lomond & MacCool's for my dream staycation

This last Friday, I got the opportunity to attend the media day event at MacCool's and the Ben Lomond Hotel in Ogden. It may only be a few blocks from where I live, but it's actually the first time I've visited the fancy hotel. Read More

Jun 01st 2011

8th Annual Damn These Heels! LGBT Film Festival

SLC Film Center and the Salt Lake Film Society will soon be hosting their 8th annual Damn These Heels!: LGBT Film Festival. DTH! strives to bring the powerful medium of film to Utah to inform and transform opinion to strengthen and celebrate the LGBT community. Read More

May 23rd 2011

Take a walking tour of Salt Lake this summer

Walking tours are the way to do it. You get to go at a slower pace and still get all the information you want, you can stop by some interesting restaurants or stores that you see and didn't know were there before, and you get the great exercise walking gives you. What's not to love? Read More

May 17th 2011

Why you should support Viewmont's debate team this weekend

Bountiful school Viewmont High's debate team started only five years ago, but was still one of the teams skilled enough to reach the finals this year held in Texas. The National Debate competition is a huge honor and a chance for high school debaters to win scholarships and compete with other teams from around the country. Read More

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