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Jan 20th 2012

Here Come the Clowns: The Act by the Numbers

Most lawmakers already refuse to treat their emails as public records. But this year, Rep. John Dougall, R-Highland, launched himself at GRAMA–the Government Records Access and Management Act–aiming at lawmaker's voice mails, instant messages and text messages preserved on their taxpayer-financed landlines, cell phones and computers. Read More

Jan 11th 2012

How to Make Those Fitness Resolutions Stick in 2012

“I will, in 2012 . . . “ So goes the annual making of New Year’s resolutions. That is, promises made to correct what people believe to be weaknesses. The problem is New Year’s resolutions typically get tossed out along with the Christmas tree. One study showed 90 percent of the health-related pledges are history within the first 15 days of the new year. Read More

Jan 04th 2012

Secrets from Snowbird's 40 Years

It’s pretty well known that Snowbird is enjoying its 40th season.  And the ‘Birds life over the past four decades has been pretty well  chronicled, but what led to the '71 opening wasn't exactly easy breezy. Read More

Dec 21st 2011

Break out the winter gear—it's ice fishin’ time

The second of two very different fishing seasons is underway -- winter fishing. Some waters have iced over, others will in the coming days. Those anglers with ice fishing gear have pulled it from storage. That is, shorter fishing rods, ice auger and winter clothing. And, of course, they’ve put away the casting rigs, tackle boxes and float tubes. Read More

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