The right dry shampoo won't weigh down your hair or give you residue.

Every hair professional tells us not to wash our hair everyday ("Scalp oil is healthy for our hair!"). But after a couple days, most of our manes start to look nappier than Lil Wayne's locks. But thanks to a little invention called dry shampoo, we needn't look unkempt while going unwashed. This comes in especially handy while hanging out by the pool or prepping for a long camping trip.

Inspired by baby powder, dry shampoo typically consists of clay or starch that comes most commonly, and conveniently, in an aerosol spray. But not all of them are created equal. Some leave a white residue that needs a brutal brushing in order to blend, and some weigh down your hair with too much concentrated product. So, after weeks of testing out brands ranging from drugstore to debutante, here are my favorites (notice I steer clear of foams or "wet" dry shampoos):

Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo, $24;

Arguably the gold standard in dry shampoo, you can't deny the flawless finish of this French-made product. Yes, it's pricey, but it also contains a bevy of extras like iron oxides to make the powder virtually invisible, and essential oils to deodorize naturally. All of this, in addition to the clay and silica powder that are powerhouses for oil absorption. It does everything you want it to do.

Suave Dry Shampoo Spray, $3; Jolley's Corner Pharmacy

On the bottle, this product promises to "refresh as well as Rene Furterer"—so does it? Well, that's like saying Maverik's frozen yogurt is as good as Red Mango's. When you're on a budget, Suave does the trick better than any other drugstore dry, that's for sure. Plus, it has a delicious tangerine scent, so brace for compliments on your "lovely perfume."

Identity1 Hair Powder, $26; Estilo Hair Salon

For another Beauty Buff blog, I had Estilo do three separate hairdos on me, and each one utilized this hair powder for incredible volume and texture. The dry mixture poofs out from a tube in small amounts, adhering itself around the hair follicle for max absorption and volume. Did I mention the volume? Definitely a winner, especially when it comes to poofing up pompadours and updos.

Be sure to slip one of these products into your "easy beauty" routine, and into your weekender bag for a low-maintenance Spring Break.