SLC's nastiest supervillians you'll never find in a cartoon or comic book for 2012...


No hugs and kisses here  
On Valentine’s Day, a young man handed a note to Brittany Molina, a pretty BYU student. Awww. Turns out it said, “Please consider your commitment to the Honor Code (which you agreed to) when dressing each day.”  Too good for the Huffington Post to pass up, especially with a BYU grad running for president.

Brits Holier Than Thou Gaffe  
The BBC News website posted a photograph of the Holi Festival of Color in Spanish Fork, Utah, and titled it “Filthy Festival.” The annual festival was just one such event celebrated by Hindus worldwide, where revellers throw colors all over each other. The Brits apologized after the Chakra News and Hindu news organizations everywhere picked up the story.

NSF for Newt
Utah made national headlines when Republican candidate Newt Gingrich bounced a $500 check to get on the state's primary election ballots. Maybe a clear sign his campaign was already headed south?

Joke from the Utah Lege
A Senate committee agreed that restaurant 
owners should have an easier time sampling liquor they want to eventually sell in their 
establishments. Sounds reasonable—there are more than 4,000 wine offerings available to 
consider for a restaurant. The proposed bill allowed restaurateurs to attend liquor wholesaler trade shows where they could taste—but not swallow. It failed.

Let's Not Make a Deal
Last year, local daily deals website called it quits and left customers with gift 
certificates they weren’t sure would be accepted, and merchants without their cut of the profits. Luckily, the company that owns Seven Peaks 
Water Park bought the website and saved the day.

Mechanical Difficulty

It’s all about marketing these days, which makes us wonder why the Salt Lake International Airport, poised for a huge expansion, chose this image (right) of a plane in flames as an image for its Facebook page.

Easy Come, Easy Go
Trucker David Dopp from Santaquin won a $380,000 Lamborghini in a convenience store chain’s contest, then crashed the 640-horsepower sports car through a fence and into a field six hours after he picked it up.

The Davis County Bomb Squad honed their expert skills after some up-to-no-good teenagers brought four homemade bombs to school, putting Bountiful High School on lockdown. The local news was quick to report how easy it is to find instructions to make the bombs online.


Slow snow days
Mother Nature played a cruel joke on Utahns this year with one of the worst snowfalls in many years. Alta reported only 327 inches by early April compared to last year’s 565.

Pump it up
At upwards of $4 per gallon, we’re all starting to wish our cars ran on milk. Remember the days when you could fill up your tank with a fiver?

Held back in math
The State Office of Education should be given an F on their initial budget for next school year, which should have been $25 million more, but didn’t account for how many kids would actually be going to school. The mistake led to the resignation of two finance officials. Still, if the office keeps studying and gets plenty of rest, we’re sure they will correctly estimate the following year’s enrollment numbers on the first try.


Run for the Border 
Utah outlaws all forms of gambling, but it's OK if you’re outside the state. The Salt Lake Tribune recently reported their analysis of the Idaho Lottery Commission sales for 2011, showing one of every $5 spent on traditional Idaho Lottery games have come from sites near the Utah border—where you’ll also find the top five performing lottery outlets in Idaho.

Hope you Changed your Password
In response to an anti-graffiti paraphernalia bill circulating in the Utah Legislature back in January, hacker group Anonymous thought it would make sense to attack the people who’d enforce the bill if passed, but ended up hurting citizens in the process. The SLC Police Department website was taken down one afternoon after the hackers infiltrated the site, but worst of all, emails of citizens registered on the site, along with phone numbers and addresses of those who left tips for the cops were also compromised. The bill was never passed into law.

When in Drought...

The Natural Resources Defense Council rated Utah 
lower than most states, and last out of the states that share the Colorado River, on planning water policies for climate change. The group says state agencies have ignored the threat, while legislators have downplayed the risks.


Seven Lives Left 
Andrea the cat survived two rounds in the West Valley–Taylorsville Animal Shelter’s gas chamber, fueling animal shelter activists’ fight to replace it with lethal injections. Andrea is still alive and well.

Creative Writing
Mike Winder, mayor of West Valley City and current Salt Lake County mayor candidate, got creative when he couldn’t find a writer to pen praise for his much-maligned burg. Under the assumed name of Richard Burwash, Winder submitted stories to the Deseret News in an effort to boost West Valley’s reputation. The irony really hit when it was revealed State Sen. Ben McAdams had listed a surprising endorsement in his Salt Lake County mayor campaign from, who else, Richard Burwash. 

Deadly Keystone Kops
As more files are released, it becomes clear that the West Valley Police Department blew it in the tragic Susan Powell case. First, we heard Josh Powell’s incredible alibi about a late-night camping trip with the kids during a snowstorm. Then we learned blood was found in the Powells’ home along with a handwritten note from Susan stating that if she died, it wouldn’t be an accident. Police Chief Thayle “Buzz” Nielsen says evidence was circumstantial and without a body, Josh could have escaped conviction. So Josh was never arrested and later killed himself and his two sons.


Hey, Shorty
Late last year, former NBA star and local 
Shawn Bradley reported his custom bike, built to fit his 7’6” frame, was stolen from his home. 
Luckily, police found the bike and arrested Joshua Carter, who was a little more than a foot too short to ride it. Apparently Carter passed on other
 smaller bikes, a boat, tools and a $200 pair of sunglasses during the theft.

Expensive Tastes 
A burglar stole about $2,400 worth
 of product from Caputo’s on 15th in March. 
Bypassing the wine glasses, produce and deli-grade meats and cheeses, this tasteful thief took “all high-end stuff” according to co-owner 
Troy Petersen, like imported and rare foods including six legs of prosciutto, roast beef, artisanal salami and upmarket mozzarella. 

A Sugar House bike thief brought his stolen ride to Contender Bicycles to get some air in the tires last October. Unbeknownst to him, the bike owner had been in Contender the previous day getting info about the same bike for his insurance claim. The quick-thinking Contender employee outwitted the bike thief and called the cops, who arrested 
the man while the tires were being filled.

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