Daryl Olsen

Bio Clean Utah

The job 
Daryl Olsen started Bio Clean of Utah with his wife Maureen about 10 years ago, and he says he's protecting his clients. “When people are confronted with a messy situation, they often roll up their sleeves and clean it the best they can,” Olsen says. “But without proper training, personal protective gear or equipment, they risk exposure.” Bio Clean works all along the Wasatch Front.

Emergency or scheduled hazard cleaning from disasters, water damage, mold removal, hoarder homes, as well as blood and bodily fluids from suicides, crimes and unattended deaths.

When Olsen deals with something that can become airborne, he seals off the area from the rest of the structure and makes sure nothing leaks out. Then technicians enter with protective gear, like gloves and a respirator.

Hoarder homes 
“You don’t only want to offer the cleanup, but you also want to be a resource to make sure it doesn’t reoccur,” Olsen says. “Of course, any influence you have over a hoarder is really small, especially for a one-time service.”

Why it’s dirty 
Unattended areas can become breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and mold, causing major illness.

Why it’s really dirty 
Olsen and his team cleaned a murder-suicide scene in Ogden with a lingering odor that permeated each surface. “We had to remove the floor covering, the dry wall, everything,” he says. The team deodorized as well, but the stench stayed for months.

Why he does it 
“As difficult as it can be dealing with family members in a crisis, the need is so great and they are so appreciative.”

Expert Tip: Have Bio Clean help you deal with your insurance company. The job could be fully covered.

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