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Don't miss out.</p> <p><img alt=""></p>Mary Brown MaloufFri, 24 Oct 2014 23:33:59 +0000 the TableEvery wizard needs a wand<p><img alt="" height="282" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/wand-shop-gallery-024.jpg" width="490"></p> <p>Wands are an integral part of the wondrous world of witchcraft and wizardry; young witches and wizards had better not set foot in Hogwarts without one. As they wander with wonder into Ollivander's wand shop, each student waits with excited anticipation as they wait for their wand to choose them, delighted as the right one flies from the shelf into eager hands.</p> <p>Now, Utah has its very own Mr. Ollivander.</p> <p><span>Isaac Atkinson has a passion for wands. Inspired by the first Harry Potter movie when he was a child, 20-year-old Isaac began to carve his whimsical wands. Each wand is hand-carved with intricate designs and an eye for detail.</span></p> <p><span>A real-life wizard with wood, Isaac is able to conjure up one of his creations in only one to four hours, depending on the intricacy of the design. </span></p> <p><span>He hasn't been able to find any dragon heartstring, unicorn hair or phoenix feathers (if you know where to find these items please comment below), but he does embed rocks, crystals and bird feathers into his wands to give them a magical feeling. For example, Argonite is said to have healing properties, and different quartzes are said to dispel negative energy, so they may be effective at blocking curses; no controlled tests have been done, however, so proceed with caution.</span></p> <p><img alt="" height="263" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/wand2.jpg" width="490"> <br><span>But for Isaac, these wands have become more than a fun hobby.</span></p> <p>Forced to return early from his LDS mission due to a kidney disease, he started selling his wands to generate funds for his mounting medical bills. He enjoys hand-carving his wands (despite numerous cuts and pokes), but he'd like to be able to spend more time detailing each creation, which is why he needs a lathe and other tools. These tools are expensive, however, which is why he decided to offer his wands through <a href="">Kickstarter</a>.</p> <p>Isaac uses woods sourced in Utah such as pine and applewood, but he also heads to his favorite store Woodcraft for more exotic specimens. African Blackwood is black as the eyes of a certain Potions professor, and South American Bloodwood is deep red and is said to reveal the secrets of past and future; cracking the secrets of bloodwood is difficult divination, however, as this striking red wood is one of the most difficult to carve.</p> <p><span>With Halloween fast approaching, Isaac's wands are sure to cast a spell on fans of magic and mystery; after all, every wizard (Gandalf, Willow, Harry Potter and others) </span><span>needs a wand as they venture into the night for their moonlit capers. </span></p> <p><span>Isaac does take custom orders, so check out his </span><a href="">Kickstarter</a><span> page to learn more about his project, or order your wand now from his </span><a href="">Etsy shop<span>.</span></a></p>Salt Lake magazineFri, 24 Oct 2014 17:16:25 +0000 The HiveKid FriendlyNational Guard Gone Wild!<p><img alt="" height="289" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/headinhatch.jpg" width="490"></p> <p> <em>The Salt Lake Tribune</em> reports that an investigation has found that state-owned machine guns and a National Guard tank were <a href="">commandeered by British bikini models</a> with the approval of state police officers, National Guardsmen and state SWAT team members.</p> <p>The women managed, with said insider help, to <a href="">penetrate the rigid security</a> of Camp Williams, where they rode around in what looks like a <a href="">self-propelled Paladin155mm howitzer</a> (14-mile range!).</p> <h3>UPDATE:</h3> <h3>National Guard Maj. Gen. Jeff Burton <a href="/admin/blog/blogpost/10916/%20http:/">told</a> Utah legislators Thursday Guardmen involved in the bikini escapade face fines, demotions and even forced retirements. </h3> <p>"Obviously, it's a big hit. It's a total violation of the values we espouse," Burton said. <span style="">"I'm also very concerned about them and their personal state of mind that would have allowed them to do something like this."</span><span style=""> </span></p> <p><img alt="" height="278" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/155.jpg" style="" width="490"></p> <p>Thank the Prophet that Islamic State militants are too modest to wear tiny camo string bikinis and show bottom-boob—or this could have been a catastrophe! (Too soon?)</p> <p><span>A DPS investigation continues into the video shoot for the now-infamous 2015 bikini calendar <em>Hot Shots. </em></span><span>The Utah National Guard also is investigating how the models entered Camp Williams. Presumably, someone will look into who paid for the fuel and ammo.</span></p> <p><span><img alt="" height="291" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/sniperrifle.jpg" width="490"></span></p> <p><span style=""> </span></p>Glen WarcholFri, 24 Oct 2014 17:16:23 +0000 The HiveDouble, Double, Toil and Trouble: Macbeth at Provo’s Echo Theatre<p><img alt="" height="246" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/10298560_769979019702338_6250859378078565430_o.jpg" width="490"></p> <p><span>Fire burn and caldron bubble all through October.</span></p> <p><a href="">The Echo Theatre,</a> down on Center Street, in what used to be the first library in Provo (15 N. 100 E.), is now performing Shakespeare’s Macbeth.</p> <p>One trip to the Echo proves they’ve got something unique. Not exactly black-box style, but also not your typical proscenium stage, at the Echo you can sit on stage, above the stage, or right below the stage. But be warned, if you take a seat on stage, you might become part of the show. If you don’t want Lady Macbeth pleading with you during her insanity scene in Act 5, find another place to watch the show. For all you extroverts, it really is an experience. The witches will glide right past your chair, and during the swordplay scenes, you’ll feel like you are part of the action.</p> <p><img alt="" height="333" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/10176181_750840784949495_3797057560170113798_n.jpg" width="490"></p> <p><img alt="" height="252" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/10252157_769411466425760_2093456792381237727_n.jpg" width="484"></p> <p>Don’t stop with Macbeth, the Echo’s got an exciting line up through December 2015. Tickets for Macbeth are $12 dollars.<span> </span></p> <p>It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Play: Dec. 4–20</p> <p><span>Twelfth Night: Jan. 16–Feb. 14</span></p> <p><span>This Castle Needs a Good Scouring (A Story of Cinderella): Feb. 27–March 27</span></p> <p><span>And Then There were None: April 2–25</span></p> <p><span>Lucky Stiff: May 8–June 6</span></p> <p><span>The Haunting of Branbury Manor: June 18–27</span></p> <p><span>25</span><sup>th</sup><span> Annual Putnam Country Spelling Bee: July 31–Aug. 29</span></p> <p><span>The Crucible: Sept. 11–26</span></p> <p><span>Little Shop of Horrors: Oct. 1–31</span></p> <p><span>Echo 10 Short Play Festival: Nov. 12–14</span></p> <p><span>The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: Dec. 4–19</span></p> <p><span>The Echo Theater also accepts original play submissions and is open to auditions.</span></p> <p><em><span>Photos courtesy of The Echo Theatre</span></em></p>Salt Lake magazineFri, 24 Oct 2014 13:33:47 +0000 The HiveFashion Friday: Statement Jewelry<p>Let’s make a statement! Sometimes all you need to complete a perfect look is a good pair of earrings, a necklace, or bracelet. In other words all you need sometimes is a statement piece to really tie things together. </p> <p>Your underlying look can be as simple as a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, or it can be something a little classier like a formal dress. Either way, a statement piece can really sell the look and finalize your fashion sentiment. Remember to be creative and to find the statement pieces that reflect something unique about you. </p> <p><img alt="" height="533" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/necklace.jpg" width="400"></p> <p>Rainbow Frank Callar |<a href="" target="_blank"> BaubleBar</a></p> <p><img alt="" height="300" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/earings.jpg" width="300"></p> <p>The Otis | <a href="" target="_blank">Dannijo</a></p> <p><img alt="" height="653" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/necklace2.jpg" width="490"></p> <p>Opal Cherub Strand | <a href="" target="_blank">BaubleBar </a></p> <p><img alt="" height="390" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/earingcuff.jpg" width="390"></p> <p>Digs Ear Cuff | <a href="" target="_blank">Dannijo</a></p>Emi ClarkeFri, 24 Oct 2014 06:00:00 +0000 TalkDinner is Served. At Eva&#39;s.<p><img alt="" height="300" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/evas-bread.jpg" width="450"></p> <p><a href="/admin/blog/blogpost/add/">Eva's Bakery</a>, the Parisian-inspired <em>boulangerie</em>, is well known for its bread and pastries (they won our Best Bakery prize during this year's Dining Awards.) Now the Main Street restaurant is adding something else to its repertoire: Dinner.</p> <p><img alt="" height="300" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/evas-dessert.jpg" width="450"></p> <p>Chef/owner Charlie Perry (son of Central Milling's Lynn Perry, profiled in our latest issue) is trying to recreate a little slice of what he experienced abroad in Europe.</p> <p><img alt="" height="300" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/evas-seating.jpg" width="450"></p> <p>"Here, when we go out, we go out to bars. But when I was in Europe we went out to bakeries and cafes for bite or a drink,” Perry said. “Eventually, I’d like to see this be a place where people can come and hang out with a glass of champagne and desserts at night.”</p> <p><img alt="" height="300" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/evas-kitchen.jpg" width="450"></p> <p>The limited dinner menu — which includes entrees such as pecan-crusted chicken and braised pork roast with gnocchi — is available Thursday through Saturday, from 6 to 10 p.m. It’s offered alongside the full lunch menu.</p> <p><img alt="" height="300" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/evas-plates.jpg" width="450"></p> <p><img alt="" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/evas-gnocchi.jpg"></p> <p>Eva's Bakery, 155 S. Main St., SLC, 801-355-3942</p>Salt Lake magazineThu, 23 Oct 2014 18:44:20 +0000 the TableChief Burbank&#39;s Fall From Grace<p><span><img alt="" height="654" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/burbankcropped.jpg" width="407"></span></p> <p><span>Salt Lake's once wildly popular Police Chief Chris Burbank is feeling heat on two fronts.</span></p> <p>Yesterday, demonstrators <a href="">blocked traffic</a> in downtown SLC, demanding limits on police force and more stringent investigations when cops shoot citizens. Anger over the August shooting of 20-year-old Dillon Taylor has been growing, despite the county district attorney's <a href=";rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=web&amp;cd=1&amp;cad=rja&amp;uact=8&amp;ved=0CB4QFjAA&amp;;ei=bGZJVLH4Jor8yQSVx4HoDQ&amp;usg=AFQjCNHF_X_Fd4I0CWcmus8yd1hcehM1Hw&amp;bvm=bv.77880786,d.aWw">clearing</a> the officer involved.</p> <p>And the shooting of Darrien Hunt, 22,<a href=""> last month</a> in Saratoga Springs has only added to the furor. Police say Hunt swung a samurai sword at officers. His parents say their son was simply role playing.</p> <p>Burbank has also taken flak after one of his officers shot <a href=";rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=web&amp;cd=4&amp;cad=rja&amp;uact=8&amp;sqi=2&amp;ved=0CDEQFjAD&amp;;ei=0GhJVOaVHM2pyASZ7oKADg&amp;usg=AFQjCNEXOSyFguz2xPBUZhmd8hK1S1WCYg&amp;bvm=bv.77880786,d.aWw">Geist</a>, a dog, in July.</p> <p>Last week, the SLC Council <a href="">questioned</a> Burbank on whether his officers were getting enough training in the use of lethal force. <span>Also last week, a Utah Legislature workgroup </span><a href="">called for</a><span> processing of all rape DNA evidence—something that Burbank has said is unnecessary and inefficient in many prosecutions.</span></p> <p>November’s Salt Lake magazine <a href="">profiled Burbank</a> and his fall from grace this summer with many former Salt Lake supporters. In the article, Burbank defends his actions and the quality and training of his officers. You can read about the chief's path from professional athlete to SWAT sniper to administrator and his philosophies on police work, including his decision to always wear his uniform in public, <a href="">here</a>.</p>Glen WarcholThu, 23 Oct 2014 17:44:37 +0000 The HiveIn The MagazineJust Like Molly: High-Octane Tees<p class="p1"><strong>High Tee</strong></p> <p class="p1"><img alt="" height="332" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/teesleader.jpg" width="499"><br><em>The best of upscale fashion tees that go beyond your average basics</em></p> <p class="p1"><span>The quest to elevate the perfect tee into a true fashion statement has been an ongoing pursuit of designers and retailers; as a result, designers are offering varying styles of the classic stand-by t-shirt. Here are some of this fall's biggest and best trends in tees. Toss them on with your favorite jeans, tuck them into a skirt for work or layer them over buttons ups. Make these upscale tees a rotating staple in your wardrobe, and you’ll never have to sacrifice style or modesty to be cool, casual and chic.</span></p> <p><strong>Draped Perfection</strong></p> <p class="p1"><strong><img alt="" height="890" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/teesslouch.jpg" width="497"></strong></p> <p><span>A well-draped jersey can make you look slimmer and do wonders for your neckline and midsection without being tight or revealing. The options above demonstrate the special power of the modest drape. </span></p> <p><span>The <a href=";products_id=127">Cavern Collection drape top </a></span><span>is constructed with loose bat wing sleeves and a gathered cowl neckline to provide a little extra material and coverage in the front without looking too baggy, while this on-trend tee by <a href=";PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446713596&amp;R=887032381181&amp;P_name=Alexander+Wang&amp;N=306422110&amp;bmUID=kw_crvC">Alexander Wang</a></span><span> plays with proportion to add depth, not weight, to your look. Draping also works well for a more formal look, like this cowl neck top by <a href=";colorid=21835">Splendid, </a></span><span>so don’t be afraid to take it to work, church or on a night out!</span></p> <p><strong>STYLE TIP</strong><span><strong>:</strong> If you choose to wear a slouchy top, make sure to keep the rest of the look clean and polished. You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Learn how to style a Braid Bun</span><span><a href=""> here</a> in six easy steps.</span></p> <p><span><strong>Toon-town</strong></span></p> <p class="p2"><img alt="" height="890" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/tees_animal.jpg" width="497"></p> <p class="p2">Givenchy and Balenciaga's playful bobcat and wolf pullovers, respectively, have become a hit for fall; the trend of putting cute and stoic animals on clothing has quickly made its way to the masses. Have fun with these cute cartoon versions of your favorite creatures. Don a dancing bear like this one at <a href="">Singer 22,</a> puppies at <a href=";storeId=13052&amp;catalogId=33060&amp;beginIndex=1&amp;viewAllFlag=false&amp;pageSize=20&amp;searchTermScope=3&amp;searchTermOperator=LIKE&amp;searchType=ALL&amp;sort_field=Relevance&amp;searchTerm=TS12T04GWHT&amp;x=25&amp;y=11&amp;geoip=search">TopShop</a> or a Mon Petit Kitten classic by <a href="">Wildfox</a> for a light-hearted weekend look.</p> <p class="p2"><strong>Say Something</strong> </p> <p class="p2"><img alt="" height="890" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/tees_words.jpg" width="497"></p> <p class="p2">You may not want strangers reading your mind, but if they’re reading your t-shirt you’re making a statement, whether or not you open your mouth. Clothing with a message has been around for years, and this once forgotten trend has found a resurgence with the fashion-forward pack. Positive messages, life lessons and tongue-in-cheek declarations adorn these whimsical tees. Word up kids, this is the future. Make your statement with the No Pain No Gain tee by <a href="">Wildfox</a> and just say NO at a glance in the hip and trendy <a href="">Chrldr Never Tee.</a> And if you’re usually a fashionable 15 minutes behind, the Always Late Tee by <a href=";fm=other-shopbysize-viewall&amp;colorId=12397">Saundry </a>has you covered. </p> <p class="p2"><strong>Style Tip:</strong> We suggest pairing a tee like this with a <a href="">classy pant</a> or even a traditional <a href="">blazer</a> for a polished look.</p> <p class="p2"><strong>Color Blocking</strong></p> <p class="p1"><strong><span><img alt="" height="890" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/teesblocking.jpg" width="497"></span></strong></p> <p>A color-blocked tee adds a touch of refinement to an otherwise casual item. Strong lines and bold shots of color are always aesthetically pleasing and appropriate. <a href=";contextualcategoryid=0&amp;fashionColor=Burgundy-+Black+Colorblock&amp;resultback=196&amp;cm_sp=personalizedsort-_-searchresults-_-1_1_B">Halogen’s two-toned mix media top</a> is a modern update to a traditional shape, and for a more luxe option choose the <a href=";CategoryID=2911#/fn=spp=25">Dakota Collective tee.</a> A more moderate option, like this one from <a href=";color=H%20Grey%20White%20Coastal">Vince,</a> will also do the trick. Block on t-shirt wearers, block on!</p> <p><span>The new variety of t-shirts allow women to experiment with casual, formal and trendy looks, and a one-piece pullover provides ease and comfort while flattering different body types. A wardrobe necessity, the tee is a universally accessible way to express your personal fashion statement and will never go out of style. So update this style staple and treat yourself to one of these fun and fashionable tees!</span></p> <p><span><em><a href="/blog/tag/just-like-molly/" target="_blank">Just Like Molly</a> is a modest fashion blog for the modern woman. For more everyday style tips and fashion editorial, visit </em><a href=""><em></em></a></span></p>Nate ZubalThu, 23 Oct 2014 14:48:52 +0000 TalkBurbank&#39;s Law<p class="p1"><img alt="" height="735" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/burbanks-law.jpg" width="490"><br><em>Photo by Adam Finkle </em></p> <p class="p1">S<span style="">alt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank is a bald, tall, lanky and commanding presence at any press conference or public meeting. His 23-year ride with the department has recently become more of a roller-coaster for the city’s formerly beloved top cop. He was praised for his role in securing the city during the anxious days of the 2002 Winter Olympics—just weeks after the 9/11 attacks. In 2013, Burbank was hailed by immigrant-rights groups when he explained to Congress his stand against conservatives who called for local police to enforce emigration law.</span></p> <p class="p1">But beginning last summer, the wheel turned–Burbank found himself drawing the ire of his progressive base. Dog owners, a formidable force in Salt Lake politics, reacted with rage in June after an officer fatally shot a Weimaraner, “Geist,” leading hundreds to protest outside the new Public Safety Building.</p> <p class="p1">In August, an officer shot 20-year-old Dillon Taylor outside a convenience store, just two days after Michael Brown was shot by a cop in Ferguson, Mo., triggering violent protests. Smaller peaceful protests for Taylor followed, claiming Salt Lake cops are trigger happy (District Attorney Sim Gill found the shooting was justified).</p> <p class="p1">Running parallel to those controversies, Burbank was being publicly pressured by anti-rape activists and city council members for failing to process all rape kits for DNA.</p> <p class="p1">Burbank, as usual, stands by his decisions despite the public and political pressure.<span style=""> </span></p> <p class="p1"><strong>Growing up with showbiz </strong></p> <p class="p1">From the beginning of his tenure in 1991, Burbank, a Salt Lake native, brought a different style of policing to the job. He initially had no interest in being a cop, he says. “My parents were ballet dancers and I come from a theater family. I used to live in Kingsbury Hall and Pioneer Theatre when I was young. The main stage at Pioneer Theatre is named after my grandfather [C. Lowell Lees].” </p> <p class="p1">Burbank says colleagues still kid him about his “ballet” roots, but it shaped his philosophy of policing a multi-ethnic community. “Theater folk are very diverse. I grew up in a home where different biases and different opinions were welcomed.”</p> <p class="p1">But Burbank’s resume gets more unconventional. His first career was as an international professional squash player. “Squash was fun because I got to travel all over the world,” he says. “I credit my stand on immigration and who I am today because I learned squash from a Pakistani family of champions. They were devout Muslims and I stayed in their home. I experienced culture from a whole different standpoint.”<span style=""> </span></p> <p class="p1"><strong>SWAT sniper </strong></p> <p class="p1">After a cop Burbank met at Deseret Gym talked him into joining the force, Burbank quickly rose through the ranks as a SWAT-team sniper, a gang-unit member and a firearms and tactics trainer. Nevertheless, Burbank says his philosophy is to keep guns holstered and hold back SWAT teams until no alternative remains. “Frankly I’m non-traditional and have been non-traditional in my approach to law enforcement.”</p> <p class="p1">The only way to ensure a humane cop culture, Burbank says, is to hire empathetic officers from the beginning and fire the ones who lose his trust. “I interview every candidate for their ability to empathize and articulate. I want people who can de-escalate situations by using talents they have already. I can teach anyone to shoot—but I want people who can understand and empathize with the people they’re confronted with.”</p> <p class="p1"><strong>Bucking politicians </strong></p> <p class="p1">The chief took searing heat on his opposition to local cops enforcing immigration law. </p> <p class="p1">“There are certainly people who can’t stand me for that,” Burbank says. “But I am not going to allow my officers to be put in the position of being immigration officers in asking for identification. I take tremendous pride in having made that stand.”</p> <p class="p2"><img alt="" height="335" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/justiceforgeist.jpg" width="490"><br><em>Photo by Cynthia Yeo</em></p> <p class="p1"><strong>Dog fight </strong></p> <p class="p1">Burbank admits he was taken aback by the uproar over last summer’s dog shooting, especially because it occurred as a result of a feverish search for an abducted child (the child was later found at home). Burbank says the officer had no alternative. “If I were doing my job to be popular, I would have absolutely gone in a different direction. But I did what was right to me. I’m going to be able to sleep at night because it was the right decision, not the popular decision.”</p> <p class="p1">The magnitude of difference between the size of the protests over the dog and those for Taylor perplexes him. “There’s a big difference between a human being and a dog. It’s disrespectful to him. It’s an interesting world in which we live,” he says. “I’m represented by outstanding people, but they are going to make mistakes. That’s the nature of our business. An officer has seconds to decide. All I ask is that officers do it from a position of what they know to be right from the information they have at the time.”</p> <p class="p1">Then, he says, “The unfair part is that I’m going to take weeks to go over that decision and pick it apart.”</p> <p class="p1"><strong>“Feel good” law enforcement </strong></p> <p class="p1">Burbank pushed back against the outrage over the department’s decision not to test rape kits unless the DNA evidence was necessary for a conviction. Burbank says the state lab is backed up months with DNA processing and the department doesn’t have the resources to pay for testing hundreds of rape kits at private labs. “It’s not that I’m not sympathetic,” he says. “But why should the city bear the expense of testing all these kits just for a feel good? I’m happy to make sure we are testing appropriately, but, like it or not, we have discretion in our profession.”</p> <p class="p1">Much of the outrage he blames on TV that offers a simplistic view of police work. “No one sees the consequences of an officer who has been involved in a shooting and then has a hard time coming back to work because they fear they might be in that position again—or that their family may lose them.”</p>Glen WarcholThu, 23 Oct 2014 12:02:47 +0000 The HiveDay of the Dead<p> </p> <p><span>Since the kids grew up, I haven't been much of a Halloweener. The years of assembling Godzilla, Belle, Ultraman and plain old witch costumes left me with no enthusiasm for dressing up and–with the exception of peanut M&amp;M's, I lost my taste for commercial chocolate. </span></p> <p><span>But I love Dia de los Muertos. It's more meaningful–a celebration of the whole circle of life, it revolves around real food and not just miniature Hershey bars, and it usually involves tequila. <img alt="" height="355" src="/site_media/uploads/October2014/dia-de-los-muertos.jpg" width="450"></span></p> <p><span><br></span></p> <p><span>Plus, the art is better. Check out local Mexicana artist <a href="">Veronica Perez</a>'s Day of the Dead-themed work, on her website and on <a href="">etsy</a>.</span></p> <p><span>This year, in addition to Rico's annual Day of the Dead-themed fundraiser for the Utah Food Bank, <a href="">Alamexo</a> is celebrating the traditional holiday in a big way.<br></span></p> <p><span>The festivities will commence with a <strong>“Viva la Vida” dinner Thursday October 30th at 6:30 pm</strong>. The owner of Vida Tequila, Lisa Barlow, will join with Chef Matthew Lake in presenting a family style dinner featuring award-winning Vida tequila paired with traditional Oaxacan cuisine. (The Mexican state of Oaxaca, like the town of Patzcuaro, is famous for the extravagance of its Dia de los Muertos celebrations.) </span></p> <p><span>The cost will be $50 per person for dinner and drinks. Call Alamexo at 801-779-4747 to reserve a seat. Space will be limited to thirty guests. <br></span></p> <p><span>Then on Saturday November 1</span><sup><span>st</span></sup><span> at 11:00 am Chef Matthew Lake will teach the first in a series of quarterly cooking classes entitled <strong>“Introduction to the cooking techniques of Mexico.”</strong> This is an opportunity to come learn the skills that led Alamexo to be recognized as the best Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake City by </span><span><em>Salt Lake Magazine</em></span><span>. At the end of the cooking class will be the opportunity to enjoy a three course lunch highlighting the presented techniques. The cost will be $50 per person for the class and lunch; class size is limited so please call Alamexo at 801-779-4747 to reserve a seat. </span></p> <p><span>During the whole Dias de los Muertos weekend, October 31-November 2, Alamexo will offer special dishes honoring the traditional cuisine of various regions of Mexico. <br></span></p> <p>Here's the menu for the famiy-style Viva la Vida dinner:</p> <p><span>Guacamole Verde Con Pomegranate- Mexican avocados mashed with salsa verde cruda, chepiche &amp; green apple; topped with fresh pomegranate seed</span></p> <p><span>Ceviche Dorado– Line caught Mahi Mahi marinated in fresh citrus, dressed with roasted tomato &amp; habanero; topped with cucumber, shaved radish &amp; jicama</span></p> <p><span>Tamales De </span><em><span>Pañuelo</span></em><span>- Traditional handkerchief tamales steamed in banana leaf, pickled vegetables &amp; salsa molcajete</span></p> <p><span>Mole Chatino Con Mariscos- Traditional Mole Chatino served with diver scallops, shrimp &amp; crab albondigas.</span></p> <p><span>Mole Negro Con Puerco- Traditional Mole Negro served with pork carnitas &amp; warm tortilla</span></p> <p><span>Bistek Con Recado De Semillas- Sliced Niman ranch hanger steak, seasoned with toasted chili seeds &amp; spices.</span></p> <p><span>Tres Leches Con Rompope- Three milk cake flavored with rompope, topped with poached pears &amp; candied pumpkin seeds</span></p> <p><span>Warm Churros</span></p> <h1 class="western"><span><span><span><br></span></span></span></h1>Mary Brown MaloufThu, 23 Oct 2014 11:13:09 +0000 the Table