The Sundance Film Festival is here.

See the films! See the stars! See the parties! The lure of the festival is all about the glitz and glam. The problem is these images can't last. Once Jan. 27 comes along, the visual spectacle is over until next year. So what does that leave you with? The merch.

Salt Lake magazine has two free giveaways for this year's Sundance Film Festival merchandise. 

To enter, leave a comment below on what film you are most excited to see at the festival. Once you enter, you are entered for both contests. 

Sample comment: "I'm always interested in local talent, and one of the films I want to see is Austenland from Salt Lake's own Jerusha Hess."

We'll pick our first winner on Jan. 21.

The winner will get the T-shirt, hat, beanie, and travel bag shown below.

We'll pick a second winner on Jan. 23

This winner will get the iPad cover and travel bag shown below.

Leave your email in the designated field when you enter or give us some way to contact you. Prizes can be picked up at the Salt Lake magazine office at 515 S. 700 E., Suite 3i (East of Trolley Square).