“Bloomberg” is a bad word to gun-rights guys. New York City’s mayor has been loud in his insistence that the United States needs tighter gun control and has backed his words with money. Along with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Bloomberg chairs an organization called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which in December 2011 published the first-ever investigation into illegal online gun sales.

The investigation measured sales during a 100-day period and found the LDS Church owns the third most active gun-sale portal on the web: KSL.com. What has drawn scrutiny in the investigation and in several news articles is not the number of guns sold on KSL’s website but the lack of regulation. Many classifieds websites require users to register and conduct sales via the site, but KSL sales are strictly between buyer and seller. And private individuals, unlike licensed gun dealers, aren’t required by law to conduct background checks. It’s a personal decision. What the mayors’ group investigators found particularly disturbing was the number of KSL sellers—eight out of 12—who agreed to sell guns to undercover buyers who openly admitted they would probably not pass a background check. KSL.com ranked fourth in failure of the mayors’ integrity test.

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