At Caffe d’Bolla, coffee is the only (and the whole) point. “It’s not about the music, it’s not about the ambience,” says owner and coffee connoisseur—one could justifiably say, fanatic—John Piquet. “It’s about the coffee.”

Piquet and his wife Yiching opened Caffe d’Bolla in 2004 with the goal of serving as near a perfect cup of coffee as humanly possible. A goal achieved, and without rival in Utah. Maybe the whole region. Now the little business belongs to an elite handful of coffee shops in the U.S., alongside famous places like Intelligentsia and Stumptown.

“We get our beans from a specialty broker in California who only services boutique shops. He has a direct relationship with the farmers on small estates and micro-regions. We only buy seasonal coffee, we roast it ourselves in small batches and we serve it within three weeks of roasting. We only brew single cups,” says Piquet, who is unafraid of making big statements about his shop. “We are the only place in the world that does espresso the way we do.”

Today, we’re sipping cups of Cuzco’s Magic, a three-bean espresso blend­—one from Majawal in El Salvador, one from La Divina Providencia and another a pure Bourbon from Guatemala. It’s amazingly smooth and well-balanced, a caramel-orange flavor with cinnamon highlights.

Next week, Piquet will serve another kind of espresso, plus two or three siphon-brewed coffees, and will sell three kinds of whole bean coffee.

Don’t even ask to have it ground—Caffe d’Bolla only has the capacity to grind for a cup at a time. If you want less than perfection, this is not your coffee stop.

Coffee as Perfection at Caffe d'Bolla

1. The siphon, with enough cold water for a single cup of coffee, is placed over an individual burner.

2. Freshly ground coffee goes into the upper vessel with the attached siphon.

3. The two are sealed, forming a partial vacuum. Some of the water in the lower vessel vaporizes.

4. The water pushed by the vapor through a filter into the upper vessel simmers, but doesn’t actually boil.

5. Remove the vessels from the flame and the brewed coffee flows back down into the pot.

6. Pour the perfect cup of coffee. Drink immediately.

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