In a first-ever, epic collaboration, the six resident performing arts organizations of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center (the Rose) will present an all-day “extravaganza” called The Rose Exposed on Saturday, September 1, 2012. The six companies represent the pinnacle of their art forms and span the worlds of dance, theatre, and music: Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation, Plan-B Theatre Company, Pygmalion Theatre Company, Repertory Dance Theatre, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, and SB Dance. Together, these companies comprise the Performing Arts Coalition. There will also be representation from Spy Hop, one of   the Rose Wagner’s frequent renters. Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center is located at 138 West Broadway (300 South) in Salt Lake City. Over 50 artists, performers, and teachers are involved in this celebration of the performing arts.  

Adds Jerry Rapier, Producing Director of Plan-B Theatre Company, “So much of what Plan-B Theatre Company does involves community partnerships. We thrive on it. But what we haven’t done, and what The Rose Exposed gives us the opportunity to do, is collaborate artistically with our neighbors at the Rose. It surprises me how frequently people refer to the Rose as ‘that building across the street from Squatters’ or simply don’t know what it is. We need to change that!”

Free classes, activities, and performances suitable for all ages will be presented from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. At 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm, audiences can sample the upcoming seasons of the six companies in The Rose Exposed Variety Show for $10. Tickets are required for both free and paid events and are available at

Repertory Dance Theatre

Fun Movement Exploration Classes for Adults, Ring Around the Rose (and RDT performance demystifying dance for kids of all ages), African Class (Fast-moving West African movement to live drumming), an open rehearsal of Merce Cunningham’s How to Pass, Kick, Fall and Run, and a Movement Exploration Class for kids (they’ll run, jump, skip, hop and freeze). Free.

Selections from Gamut. RDT dancers have used compositional devices employed by Merce Cunningham and many of his followers to develop a performance event called GAMUT. A “gamut” is a collection of movement material which is used to make a piece. Each RDT dancer had the opportunity to develop a movement section. Some are designed to be performed in a very exact manner and some give the performers choices or tasks to perform on stage. The order of the sections was determined by chance and the music was likewise assembled. The process is always game-like and is as fun for the dancers to perform as it is for the audience to watch. Variety Show.

Pygmalion Theatre Company    

A full performance of The Mysterious, Happy Life of Brown Bag by Greg Near. A funny, poignant exploration of what it means to be different in a harsh world. It is a modern fable that tells the story of an unusual little boy who wants nothing more than to experience everything around him, including going to first grade and interacting with other children, in spite of his mother's fears and his teacher's misgivings. Featuring Barb Gandy, Georgia Gergersen and Bijan Hosseini. Directed by Lane Richins. Free.

Reading of The Photographer by LL West. Set in 1922 in Alabama, this is a story of art, workplace issues, racial injustice, manipulation and coercion. Directed by Shellie Waters.  Cast TBA. Free.

A selection from Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill by Lanie Robertson. Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill  reveals the great jazz vocalist Billie Holiday in the final days of her career, when she played at Emerson's Bar and Grill.   This show features monologues that frame's Holiday's most famous hits. Featuring DeeDee Darby-Duffin and Trevor Jerome. Variety Show.

SB Dance

Sport Yoga Class. Taught by SB Dance Director Stephen Brown, this class adds an element of agility to yoga. It's like Tai Chi meets yoga and incorporates moves like back shoulder rolls and handstand skipping. Definitely a workout, wear clothes to move in and bring water, a towel, and a yoga mat if you have one. All levels welcome. Free.

An excerpt from Of Meat and Marrow. SB Dance has a playful style that blends theater, dance, and circus. The company creates 60 minute works that have premiered each June for the past 15 years. This piece is an excerpt from our latest show, Of Meat and Marrow, an evening about corpses. Variety Show. 

Plan-B Theatre Company

Reading of #mormoninchief by Matthew Greene. Featuring Topher Rasmussen, Latoya Rhodes and Sarah Young, directed by Jerry Rapier. About: A Mormon presidential candidate shares his less-than-PC views in a church meeting.   An avid supporter shares them on Twitter and finds himself the center of a national media frenzy. #mormoninchief was originally produced by Michael Holt at the New York International Fringe Festival in August 2012.   Matthew Greene’s Adam & Steve and the Empty Sea will receive its world premiere as part of Plan-B Theatre Company’s 2012/13 season. Free.

An excerpt from Eric(a) by Matthew Ivan Bennett. Eric(a) is the story of a transgender man who’s fallen in love with a woman—as a man—for the first time.   Eric(a) receives its world premiere as part of Plan-B Theatre Company’s 2012/13 season.   Featuirng Teresa Sanderson, directed by Jerry Rapier. Variety Show.

Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation 

Mozart’s Piano Sonata No 16 (First Movement) and Swimming by SB Dance. Musician Arthur Schnabel described Mozart's piano sonatas as "too easy for children but too difficult for pianists". Possibly the most famous of the set of sonatas, this piece demands careful treatment to remain fluent and light. Constrained to "swimming motions" of the arms and torso, the dance is also deceivingly simple but achieving the full range of articulation is a butt-kicker, both mentally and physically. Pianist is Kary Billings. With SB Dance. Free.

Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf: A Musical Tale for Children. Featuring Kary Billings on piano and actor Jay Perry, directed by Christy Summerhays. About Peter and the Wolf: An interactive journey through the classic story of the hungry wolf, the ill-fated duck, the fortunate cat, the fearless little bird, and the brave and cunning Peter.   With PLan-B Theater Company. For children ages 10 and under.  Free.

An excerpt of Louis Moreau Gottschalk’s Union, or Paraphrase on the National Airs. A grand piano piece by an American composer incorporating three very American themes: the Star-Spangled Banner, Columbia, and Yankee Doodle, with virtuosic and military flourishes. Featuring Kary Billings. Variety Show.

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

Lecture/Demonstrations, Parent/Child Workshop, and Movement Workshops. First, two Lecture/Demonstrations investigating the artistic vehicle of dance–the body, combined with dance-movement, exploring the elements of space, shape, time, and energy. Second, a Parent/Child Workshop, taught by Education Director Gigi Arrington, bringing together families for a one hour class of movement and problem-solving that is both empowering and fun. It is recommended for families with kids 4 and above, but young children are welcome. Finally, a Movement Workshop, taught by Artistic Director Charlotte Boye-Christensen (along with the Ririe-Woodbury Dancers) provides dance exploration for adults with some movement experience and is recommended for anyone above the age of 18. Free.

Turf  Choreographed by Artistic Director Charlotte Boye-Christensen. It is inspired by the idea of territorialism and how men and women approach the idea of space differently. Set to music by White Stripes and The Gotan Project. Variety Show.

Spy Hop

Short films made by students ages 7 - 19 . Animation Showcase, 15 min: A variety of stop motion, claymation and mixed media animation created by students in our community programs. Even Handed, 5 min: Even Handed tells the story of a straight teenage girl who tries to answer the question posed by another student about her Human Rights Commission sticker:   “If you’re not gay, why should you care?” My Muslim Eyes,  6 min: Laela Omar and Loren Ruiz explore how growing up Muslim in a post 9-11 America has affected young Muslims' perspectives on freedom.  Sunday, 6 min: Sunday follows a young refugee student from Africa who dreams of a music career. Trashed, 20 min: A new breed of environmentalists known as "freegans" explain their approach to personal and spiritual wellbeing, all while one group explores the contents of local dumpsters and retrieves a bountiful supply of food, clothing, and sporting goods. River's End, 25 min: Troubles at home convince a twelve-year-old boy to run away with his imaginary friend on a quest for the ocean. Free.

The event is sponsored by the Downtown Alliance,, and Salt Lake County’s Center for the Arts (the owner and manager of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center). “We are excited to help showcase the amazing talents of the residents of the Rose Wagner Performing Art Center.   Art is a vital part of downtown and this event will bring diverse performances to audiences across the community,” states Jason Mathis, Executive Director of the Downtown Alliance.

"Salt Lake has such a diverse and talented art and culture community. It is so exciting to see the energy that the Rose Wagner faculty and its tenants bring to our destination,” Scott Beck, President-CEO of Visit Salt Lake concurs.” was started to create a vehicle that could communicate to visitors and locals the scope and scale of our art and cultural offerings, we are very excited to be part of this event celebrating the users of the Rose and are grateful for what they bring to our city.”