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Butterfly-inspired design

Jul 25th 2012

Butterfly-inspired design

For the past month, world-renown designer Preston Bailey amazed the design industry with his record-breaking butterfly chandelier. Read More

Aug 24th 2011

New Artists and Fresh Art at Meyer Gallery

Meyer Gallery in Park City sent a release with links to info on artists and new work from their regulars adorning the museum-quality gallery—and we were floored by the late-summer additions! Read More

Jan 06th 2011

January Gallery Strolls

It's a way to connect the community with local artists and it happens every January. The January Gallery Stroll (or various versions thereof) features special exhibits, art events and more while showcasing artists. From Park City to Provo, there's a lot going on. (Photo courtesy of Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll) Read More

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