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Feb 08th 2011

More Heart-y Options for V-Day

More ways to eat and say I love you at the same time. Only don't talk with your mouth full. And kids-some advice-don't kiss with your mouth full either. My first "real" kiss was ruined by ballpark mustard, and I haven't gotten over it yet. Read More

Jan 09th 2011

Toasting for Art's sake

Salt Lake Foodlanders turned out on Friday afternoon to lift a final glass to Art Cazares, who has been manager of Bambara in Hotel Monaco for oh, a bunch of years. I did break out of my study session to toast Art's future in Seattle, where he will be at one of Monaco's sister properties. Read More

Nov 09th 2010

Top 5 Tuesday: Kibbles and Tidbits for feasting season

Yup, tis the season for eating; old Hendrik van Balen the Elder painted this in the 16th century and if you switched out the hunting dogs for Golden Retrievers and put some tattoos on the ladies' decollotege, you'd have a pretty typical Utah winter restaurant scene. Read More

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