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Best of the Beehive: Best Man-Made Waterways

Jun 18th 2012

Best of the Beehive: Best Man-Made Waterways

A river doesn't really run through it. Utahns love their mountain landscapes. Even when they're indoors. Every time we build something, it has a man-made waterway in it, carefully manipulated to look totally (almost) natural. Read More

City Creek Center Media Tour

Mar 22nd 2012

City Creek Center Media Tour

As we walked through the beautiful, new City Creek Center, we couldn’t help thinking 5,000 cars would be parked under our feet and the mall jam-packed with people the next day. Read More

55 days 'til City Creek

Jan 26th 2012

55 days 'til City Creek

A little more than a month stands between Salt Lake City shoppers and one of the most anticipated Utah openings in the last five years. City Creek Center will open on March 22. Bu-bye construction, hello shopping. Read More

Oct 30th 2011

Twitter has spoken: Here's all the camera phone pictures of City Creek Center

We got such great feedback from the live Tweeting we did during last week's media tour of City Creek Center, we figured we'd put them up for closer review. Below find the best an iPhone 4 can do on a cold morning in the new heart of Salt Lake's downtown. The City Creek Center will open on March 22, 2012. FYI. They sky above can be obscured by roof. Should the need arise. Probably won't in Utah. Read More

Sep 30th 2011

Fashion Friday: From the Streets of SLC

There's a lot of stylish peeps in the Beehive State and we want to start throwing those fashionistas and fashionistos a few more props for making Utah look a little sleeker and chicer. Read More

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