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Apr 07th 2011

Interview with Papa Fiddler

As you all may or may not know, I've been super excited for the Hunt Family Fiddlers to come to Utah. This family of 9 performers is crazy talented, and their particular brand of entertainment is good for the whole family. The Hunt Family Fiddlers will perform at the Park City Egyptian Theatre this Friday and Saturday, April 8 & 9. Read More

Mar 30th 2011

Talented Hunt Family Fiddlers at Egyptian Theatre

Big families are nothing new in Utah. We've all stood impatient behind that mother in the grocery store with 5 screaming children all under the age of seven. (Sorry, getting off track here...) But what is new is a family of nine, where every single member is crazy talented. Read More

Mar 22nd 2011

Get your Comedy on at the Egyptian

We all love a good chuckle on April Fool's Day. But some of us (me) just aren't any good at eliciting those laughs ourselves. The jokes and pranks either run so out of control that someone gets hurt and it just isn't funny any more, or you resort to putting paper fish cutouts on people's backs (it's a French thing). Read More

Oct 07th 2010

Next 96: It's Opening Weekend All Over Utah

The recent mercury dip means fall is here, and hooray for it! Colorful leaves, crisp air and the build-up to Halloween and later, the BYU-Utah football game. Fall also means 'season' openings and this weekend kicks off several. Here are some for your radar: Read More

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