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Nov 11th 2011

Fashion Friday Pick: Jeweled Clutches

If you noticed during the Emmy Awards, many of the actresses wore very little, if any, jewelry. Gone were the heavy bracelets, chandelier earrings and borrowed Harry Winston necklaces. In their place were bejeweled clutches which provided a stunning complement to the sleek gowns.This recent red carpet trend was something we also saw during the spring markets in New York.Wait a minute. I thought diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Is jewelry out? Say it isn’t so! Read More

Nov 04th 2011

Behind the Scenes: New York Fashion Buying Trips

The past couple weeks we've shared with you some of the fashion trends we saw during the recent Spring 2012 markets. Now, we're offering a glimpse of what goes into those buying trips. Every store handles their buying excursions their own way, but there is one thing we all have in common. We schlep. Read More

Oct 28th 2011

Lace: Not Just For Brides Anymore

I usually preach that one should tread lightly when it comes to anything too “trendy.” They are often the items that get worn once and then slowly suffocate in your closet. Read More

Sep 30th 2011

Fashion Friday: From the Streets of SLC

There's a lot of stylish peeps in the Beehive State and we want to start throwing those fashionistas and fashionistos a few more props for making Utah look a little sleeker and chicer. Read More

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