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Jul 18th 2011

Ice Cream Parlor of the Week: Sub Zero Ice Cream

Nitro Sub Zero Ice Cream Owner: Jerry Hancock Jerry Hancock was mulling over the idea of opening up an ice cream shop, but wanted to step up his game against competitors. With the help of his chemistry background, Jerry concocted a scientific concept, allowing customers to pick the fat content and consistency of their desired flavor by freezing the frozen treat with liquid nitrogen right before their eyes. "It's kind of your own experiment; you walk in and make anything you want," Jerry says. 200 South Town Centre Drive, Provo, 801-494-0988. Other locations. Read More

Jun 29th 2011

Utah's Great Frozen Delights

Utah's Backyard Table Summer months are a rare delight in the Beehive. Sunny days, cool nights and clear skies make the outdoors so attractive that we tend to linger in the parks and campsites, on our lawns and decks until long after sunset. It's the peak of al fresco weather, and all-American steak and ice cream can make the menu. Read More

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