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Take the Edge Off

Oct 30th 2013

Take the Edge Off

Sure, the holidays are about goodwill toward men, but who’s got time to be jolly when there’s an endless list of chores? Relax at Grand America's remodeled spa. Read More

Take it to the Street

Aug 01st 2013

Take it to the Street

Ogden has been welcoming travelers since 1869, when the first train arrived at Union Station. The city's historic charm centers on 25th Street. Read More

Aug 24th 2010

Tuesday Top 5: Where to Get Pretty in the City

I'm a girly-girl by all means. Don't get me wrong, I love to get down and dirty outside, but at the end of the day pink polish and glitter really gets me going. I'm a self-proclaimed beauty-junkie, complete with beauty mag archived by my bed and make-up overflowing in my bathroom drawers. While I can't afford 90% of the products and salon featured in the magazine's ($400 haircuts? Thanks...but no), I can still get my pretty-on right here in SLC with these affordable services right here in our own big city. Read More

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