Saturday, March 24, 2018

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Tour Distillery 36

Introducing Booze in the Beehive, every month tour one of Utah's local distilleries.

The distillery of the month for March is Distillery 36, a personal favorite of several SLM staff. Enjoy a free tour that includes tastings and surprise swag!

During the tour you will be shown the process of Rum Making from start to finish. You'll get to see one of a kind equipment that was fabricated by the crew themselves.

Distillery 36’s namesake is an homage to its home state of Utah, which was the 36th and deciding state to repeal prohibition. With tradition and history in mind, its Brigham rum is entirely made from scratch. Each bottle is made in a copper still, distilled from pure natural sugar cane, and proofed with local Rocky Mountain spring water. The result is a smooth tasting rum that's won awards from the New York International Spirits Competition, International Spirits Challenge, and more.

Visit for information on their rums and tasting notes provided by Chelsea Nelson of Ritual & Craft.

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