Best of the Beehive 2022: Sugar House

Sugar House was the model neighborhood: walkable, streets lined with small mom and pop shops featuring unique, offbeat and idiosyncratic merchandise and small, locally-owned cafes and bars. Since then, Sugar House has changed a lot, but the area is still a lively favorite with a signature eccentricity.

Best of the Beehive 2022: South Valley

A little exploration the south end of Salt Lake County will reveal bright spots of local color and culture, both old and new, and experiences you can’t get anywhere else in Utah.

Best of the Beehive 2022: Ogden

Ogden has always had a reputation for pushing the limits. Amid constant change, traces of the city's Wild West past enriches Ogden's untamed spirit. 

Best of the Beehive 2022: Utah Valley

The second most populous county in Utah has long had a reputation for a firm focus on being the most family friendly. It’s home to a handful of historic Main Streets populated with eclectic local boutiques, a rich tradition of promoting the (PG-rated) performing arts and beautiful natural wonders in American Fork and Provo Canyons.

Best of the Beehive 2022: Marmalade/The Avenues

The state capitol building, with its beautiful grassy lawns and cherry trees, sits at the top of the hill. To the east is The Avenues, one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Salt Lake. To the west is the LGBT-friendly The Marmalade, one of the funkiest historic neighborhoods in Salt Lake.

Best of the Beehive 2022: Central 9th

Put this burgeoning hood in the “you’ll want to live here someday and wish you’d moved in during its painful metamorphosis” file. 

Best of the Beehive 2022: Park City & the Wasatch Back

Park City & the Wasatch Back is a latticework of contradictions—frequented by both ski bums living that #vanlife and the owners of million-dollar homes and condos.

Best of the Beehive 2022: South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake, the little sister of Utah’s capital city, is working hard to nurture a thriving culture. Now, there are stretches of walkable blocks, enlivened by public art, boutique businesses, cool craft breweries and local distilleries. 

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