You can ignore phone calls from the repo man.

You can even ignore phone calls from your ex.

But don’t ever, ever blow off the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Never.

The owners of The Woodshed Bar tried that ploy to their grief.


“Someone want to take them to the woodshed?” quipped Chairman John T. Nielson. But he wasn’t smiling.

A compliance officer told the commission that the owners of the The Woodshed Bar, 800 S. 60 East, SLC, never answered their phone or returned his calls to confirm they had gotten the required insurance for their business. (At one point, the wily compliance officer borrowed a cell phone and they didanswer that call. Way bad.)

The upside is: One (1) highly prized, rarer-than-hen’s-teeth, liquor license is available for the more than a dozen tavern-owner wannabes on the waiting list.

If, of course, they’re willing to answer their phone.