10 Best Watering Holes at Sundance

It’s always been something of a mystery as to how a tsunami of alcohol is unleashed annually at the Sundance Film Festival. We can only assume that Bob Redford’s legendary charm melts even the hearts of DABC commissioners.

In any case, Hollywood has learned that you can, indeed, get a drink in Utah—at least during Sundance.

Here’s a list of places, published in the Park Record that have gotten some sort of temporary booze licenses for the fest beginning Jan. 19:

  • Chef Dance, a battle of chefs at which you can rub elbows with B-list celebs
  • William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
  • Variety Media Lounge
  • Precious Entertainment
  • Stella Lounge, at which you might arrange a selfie with a Stella Artois girl.
  • stellaChase Sapphire, credit card sponsor
  • Acura, a luxury car sponsor
  • Tao, a nightclub infested with celebs that likely won’t let you in
  • Sundance Institute itself will offer alcohol at various locations to the right people.

Finally, of all things, the Utah Film Commission also received licenses to serve booze, which again proves Utah doesn’t let a little Word of Wisdom get in the way of economic development.

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