Idahoans Warned: Stay Away From Utah!

Just when the Utah Tourism Office thought it was safe to come out of hiding, a full-page ad appeared this week in the Idaho Statesman reminding everybody that Utah is a stodgy, no-fun, legally risky place to visit.

The American Beverage Institute has made it no secret it has it in for Utah’s lower blood-alcohol limit for DUI—.08 percent, soon down to .05 percent. Utah’s hospitality industry was demoralized by the law that came out of a Legislative session that was supposed to liberalize Utah’s zany liquor laws that include “Zion” walls, moats, fences and, as some mock our local cocktails, Zion-shots.

The ABI is running a full-page ad in Boise’s daily paper, which reaches tons of famously free-spending Idahoans, warning vacationers they could be nailed for DUI for having as little as single drink before driving. Idaho is one of Utah’s main sources for tourists. A similar ad ran in Salt Lake City’s dailies earlier this year.

The ABI’s point is to encourage the Utah legislature to repeal the .05 BAC law during an upcoming special legislative session. The ad ends with the line “Time for Idahoans to rethink their vacation plans!”

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Glen Warchol
Glen Warchol
The late, great Glen Warchol passed away in 2018. His last billet was on the editorial staff here at Salt Lake magazine but his storied career included stops at The Salt Lake Tribune, The Desert News, The New Times and others. His stories haunt this website like ghosts in a machine and we're always happy to see them. RIP Papa Warchol.

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