2018 Farm-to-Glass Cocktail Contest – Last Call!

Cocktail contest! Yes, it’s time for Salt Lake magazine’s annual Farm-to-Glass Cocktail Contest. Here’s how it works: Each participating bricks-and-mortar bar will invent a cocktail including at least two seasonal ingredients. (Beets! Berries! Peppers! Tomatoes! Kale! You could be the first to make a parsnip martini!) 

The cocktail should be reasonably easy to make and should sell for $10 or less.

During the month of September, Salt Lake magazine will encourage people to come to each of the participating bars, taste the cocktails and cast a vote for their favorite. We will promote the contest on our website, with blog coverage, splash images, Tweets, television spots, magazine ads, etc. We will post images of bartenders making cocktails and take photos of each drink to go on the ballots and to go in a follow-up online publication.

Salt Lake magazine will also advertise the contest in its September/October issue and announce the winner online and in the magazine. We will also host the online voting and provide marketing materials to every participant.

Basically. It’s all about getting as many people as possible into your bar drinking your cocktails during the month of September.

The winner will be announced at a live event, open by ticket sale to the public, with participating bartenders present to serve tastes of their contending cocktails. The event will take place during Eat Local Week, October, 2018.

A portion of the proceeds from the Farm to Glass Cocktail Contest will go to the Utah chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild for the purpose of awareness and education. Find out more about USBG here. 

Sounds great right? Here’s what you do to get on board:

  1. Contact Trina Baghoomian at Salt Lake magazine to confirm your space by paying your $150 deposit (check, credit card, whatever.)
  2. Respond as soon as possible: Right now, our space is limited, so we can only accept 25 contestants. First come, first served!
  3. Start inventing your winning cocktail. Recipes are due Aug. 21!

Any questions? Contact Mary Brown Malouf at Salt Lake magazine.


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