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2019 Dining Award Winner • Cucina

2019 Dining Award Winner • Cucina

salt Lake magazine Dining Award winners pull flavors, ingredients and techniques from cuisines all over the world, becoming ever more particular in the source of their ingredients. Take a peek into the pantries of Utah’s best restaurants.

The Secret Ingredient: Guajillo Chile

To come up with the ingredient, Chef Ferran convened with his staff. “The consensus regarding unique items seems to be the variety of chilies we use in a restaurant not really known for spicy food. The most ubiquitous in our recipes would be the quajillo chile. It is a primary ingredient in our mole rojo, our smoked chile Rosso buck, as well as our ahi tuna poke.”


2019 Dining Award Winner Cucina

Working with Chef Joey Ferran, owner Dean Pierose recreated his casual Avenues deli into a bistro and wine bar where the mellow atmosphere soothes your spirit while the cuisine excites your taste buds. Pulling together a small world of flavors, Chef Ferran seasons cauliflower with red mole, sweetens a duck breast with saba, finishes a fried avocado with tamarind-coconut curry. This is by no means a Southwestern restaurant and you wouldn’t call the food spicy but Chef Ferran does rely on some of those flavors. 

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