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2019 Dining Award Winner • Silver Star

2019 Dining Award Winner • Silver Star

salt Lake magazine Dining Award winners pull flavors, ingredients and techniques from cuisines all over the world, becoming ever more particular in the source of their ingredients. Take a peek into the pantries of Utah’s best restaurants.

The Secret Ingredient: Caramel Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is an Asian cuisine basic whose intense umami has found its way into all kinds of cuisines around the world. it has ancient origins in several cultures-the Romans used a fermented fish sauce as their main condiment. The difference here is that Chef Jeff ward makes a basic caramel by cooking together sugar and water until it coats a spoon, then stirring in bottle fish sauce with other seasonings. Its gratin roasted vegetables as well as fish and shell fish and even roast duck.


2019 Dining Award Winner Silver Star

A Destination in the hills above the golf course, past Park City Hotel, Silver Star is everyone’s secret favoritisms. Owners Jeff and Lisa Cilva Ward created and elevated oasis-cozy when the snow falls, cool when the sun shines. The menu has changed since Jeff took over the kitchen- he uses locally- sourced ingredients like elk and elderberries in dishes that often combine fruit with meant, he seasons brussels sprouts with caramel Vietnamese fish sauce and roasted cauliflower with pickled grapes.

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