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2019 Dining Award Winner • Stoneground Kitchen

2019 Dining Award Winner • Stoneground Kitchen

salt Lake magazine Dining Award winners pull flavors, ingredients and techniques from cuisines all over the world, becoming ever more particular in the source of their ingredients. Take a peek into the pantries of Utah’s best restaurants.

The Secret Ingredient: Central Milling OO Organic Pizza Flour
“There are three local ingredients I love and feel make a difference in our kitchen,” says Stoneground Kitchen Chef Justin Shifflet. The first is fundamental for a place made famous by its pizzas: Central Milling OO Organic Pizza Flour. “Owner Bob McCarthy, GM Joy Bradford and I went to pizza Expos in Vegas and the National Restaurant Association food show in Chicago looking for the best flour. The best pizza flour we found is made right here in Utah. We use RealSalt, mined in central Utah for our pizza dough and for finishing, and locally made Chili Beak spicy oil to give our pomodoro some backbone and the puttanesca its signature kick.”

2019 Dining Award Winner
Stoneground Kitchen

I am surprised when I run into people who still think Stoneground is a pizza place with pool tables—it’s been so much more for years now. Chef Justin Shifflet puts his soul into his cooking and it gets better all the time. I seldom get to il secondo, because the pre-meal dishes (“for the table”) and the pasta is so good. Last year, I raved about the braciole and the focaccino (well, I still rave.) This year I’m nuts about the bruschetta with fried brussels sprouts, honey yogurt, pomegranate seeds and cashews. And the pizza. Always the pizza. I love to be surprised so I order the seasonal one.

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