2023 Best Restaurant: The Pearl 

The Pearl’s Fish-sauce wings; Bok Choy with Shimeji and house chili crisp; Appetizers: Egg Rolls, Lemongrass Port and Sugarcane Shrimp, Vietnamese Sausage Platter; Cocktails: Roselle Colored Glasses and a Mezcal White Negroni. Photo By Adam Finkle

Conceived by the minds who brought us Alibi, but firmly standing on its own, The Pearl provides an unforgettable food and drink experience. First, let’s talk about the food. The menu is inspired by Vietnamese street food that pays homage to the formative days of Chef Tommy Nguyen, who is “a legend,” in the words of Darby Doyle. The food is a delicious and intimate affair, in a cozy setting, and nothing on the dinner menu will let you down. The pork belly and the egg rolls are unforgettable and Nguyen’s mother’s recipe (and the pho is definitely “a thing” worth trying), which inspired Stuart Melling to compare the experience at The Pearl to dining at “Tommy’s family table.” As for the drinks, expect exceptional and balanced craft cocktails (if you’ve been to Alibi, you know what we’re talking about), perfectly paired with the dishes by masterful and sage bartenders.

917 S. 200 West, SLC, @thepearlslc (Instagram)

Learn more about Tommy’s vision for the Pearl and the minds behind their nuanced bar program.

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