Eight Summer Camps To Ditch Your Kids

Summer is a time for kids to follow their bliss, and Utah has no shortage of summer camps to help them do exactly that, whether it’s rocking out with a band or going on an outer-space mission. And even though spring has just sprung, it’s time to figure out what that bliss is going to be. Utah’s summer camps are registering campers now, and they fill up fast. Here are eight of our favorite 2024 summer camps accepting applications right now:

Solitude Summer Camps

For one week, children will have the opportunity to learn and play amidst the scenic mountains of Big Cottonwood Canyon. This day camp spans over a week, with activities scheduled from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day. During this time, kids can indulge in swimming, hiking, trampoline bungee jumping, climbing, chairlift rides, and arts and crafts. While parents are required to pack their child’s lunch, the campers will be provided with snacks. This camp is perfect for children who enjoy the outdoors and the picturesque landscapes of Utah.

  • Dates: June-August, 2024
    Cost: $237-$3795
    Ages: 6-12
    Location: Solitude Mountain Resort Solitude Summer Camps

Wasatch Kids Camp

With multiple different types of camps to choose from Wasatch Kids Camp has it all! A field trip based program that allows kids to be out and about in the outdoors. With multiple different locations to pick up from this camp makes sure to make it easy and convenient for yours kids to have a blast. Find what camp suits your kid best: North Camp, South Camp, or Travel Camp!

  • Dates: June-August, 2024
    Cost: Ranges from what type of camp you choose from $350-$800
    Ages: 6-16
    Location: Multiple locations to drop off, pick up, and explore based on your area of residence Wasatch Kids Camp

Luna Lobos Dog Sledding Summer Camp

If you’ve seen White Fang, you know dog sledding isn’t quite the same as taking a tube down a hill at Sugar House Park, but kids can learn the basics of the sport while bonding with adorable canines at Luna Lobos Dog Sledding Camp. Campers also learn archery and basic outdoor survival skills (they might need them while racing in the Iditarod one day).

  • Dates: June 12–July 29, 2024
    Cost: $285 (full week), $90 (single day)
    Location: Rancho Luna Lobos, Peoa
    Luna Lobos Camp

YMCA Camp Roger

This is what you think when you think “camp” — archery, horseback riding, etc. Camp Roger started as a place for boys to swim and build campfires. It became co-ed in the ‘60s, and in the 2000s, buildings were renovated for a new generation. Camp themes range from Wacky Scientist to Wild Wild West. Camp Rogers also offers Little Rogers (one night and two days) for first-timers, horsemanship camps and leadership camps.

  • Dates: June–August, 2024
    Cost: Traditional Camp for ages 8-14 is $715, Mini Camp for ages 7-9 is $440, Little Rogers for ages 5-7 is $215
    Location: Uinta Mountains
    YMCA Camp Roger

Youth Education at U of U

Enroll your children in an engaging summer camp that enhances their educational skills and prepares them for college and beyond. This camp offers various specialized programs to match your child’s interests, including Science, Arts, Math, Engineering, and Sports. Moreover, they provide opportunities to earn extra high school credits, prepare for the ACT, and explore potential career paths and majors. Registration for the summer program is currently open. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

  • Dates: June-August, 2024
    Cost: About $200 depending on what camp
    Location: University of Utah Continue Education

Game On! Sports 4 Girls

Are you on the hunt for an exceptional summer experience for your daughter? Search no more! Game On! Sports 4 Girls presents an extensive seven-week summer day camp that covers the fundamentals of multiple sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, mountain biking, and many more. Each day, your daughter will leave feeling invigorated, empowered and strengthened physically, mentally, and as part of a team. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your daughter’s athleticism and overall growth

  • Dates: Heber City: June 3-7, June 10-14. Park City: June 17-21, July 8-12, July 15-19, July 29-August 2. Kaysville: June 3-7, June 10-14 Age: 4-14
    Cost: Vary from $50-$300 depending on what type of camp
    Location: Heber City at Southfield Park and Park City at Willow Creek Park, Kaysville at Barnes Park.

Bouldering Project Summer Training Camp

Attention older kids! Here’s an exclusive summer training camp for competitive youths, designed to take your climbing skills to the next level. This camp caters to all levels of climbers, working towards the common goal of enhancing your climbing abilities.

  • Dates: Youth Training Camps: 7/19-7/21, 8/5-8/7. Youth Summer Adventure Camps: Various dates in June, 2024
    Cost: $350-399 depending on program
    Location: Boulder Project, 660 S 400 W Suite 600, Salt Lake City, UT Bouldering Project

Code Ninjas Camp

This summer camp program is perfect for kids who are into all types of technology and STEM. It will turn your kids’ obsession with technology into fun activities that will prepare them for future professions but also allow them to make friends and have fun in a healthy environment. Their summer camps include Minecraft, Youtube, Coding, 3D Printing, Animation, Legos, Robotics, and more!

  • Dates: June–July, 2024
    Cost: $250 –$300
    Location: 1957 E. Murray Holladay Road, Holladay UT Coding Ninjas

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Julia McNulty
Julia McNulty
Julia McNulty is an intern for Salt Lake magazine. She is currently enrolled at the University of Utah and is studying English. In her free time she enjoys skiing, reading, and traveling.

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