4 Houseplant Trends You’ll See in 2022

Filling the home with lush greenery has been proven to boost moods, lower stress and improve focus. So it’s no wonder many of us looked to our houseplants to provide sanctuary over the past few years. The growing craze surrounding indoor houseplants is expected to continue as we enter 2022, and local experts are chiming in with their own green predictions. Horticulturist and Thyme and Place owner Melinda Meservy has welcomed shoppers into her botanical boutique since 2018 and has developed a keen sense in houseplant trends. Here, she shares her forecast for what 2022 has in store for green-thumbed enthusiasts. 

Houseplant trends 2022

Aroids Are The New “It” Plant 

Move over succulents, aroid plants are here to stay. Aroid plants include many of your favorite greenery like pothos, monsteras and philodendrons. These plants are notorious for their easy and forgiving nature, perfect for novice gardeners looking for low maintenance greenery. But don’t mistake their soft temper for dullness—aroids are known for their vibrant color and quick growth rate. “I’m seeing people gravitate toward aroids because they want to see their plant actually progress and grow,” says Meservy. 

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Houseplant Parents Will Improve Their Skills, But Others Will Lose Their Green Thumb

In 2021, many rushed to their nearest plant shop to bring a piece of the outdoors inside. Now, Meservy expects some of those early enthusiasts to lose interest. “As with any trend, I think there might be a bit of a pendulum swing back,” she says.” I think I’m going to see some people get discouraged and give up.” Of course, other houseplant parents will have sparked an attraction that will only keep growing. “The people that have really connected with their plants and found a benefit will keep loving them, and start learning how to best care for them,” says Meservy. 

Supply Chain Disruptions Will Endure

The stop-and-go of the global supply chain has touched all corners of industry, including the houseplant community. Meservy has experienced difficulty in stocking her shop with new species and products since the pandemic began, and is settling in for another year of solution solving. The easiest way to avoid supply chain obstacles? Shop small. Instead of sourcing plants at big-box stores like The Home Depot or Lowe’s, support local nurseries and shops where you’ll find plenty of items made right here in the beehive state. 

Pots and Containers Will Find the Spotlight

In 2022, people will find meaning in pots and containers as much as in the plants themselves. “I think we are going to see plant lovers spending time and effort to find the right containers for their plants that they really love,” says Meservy. Her favorite trending pieces? Midcentury modern pieces with cylindrical features. 

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