Utah Sea Life: 4 Unique Aquariums Worth Visiting

Utah is home to some of the most amazing mountains in the world. People from all over the world visit regularly to experience them. From skiing in the winter to hiking in the summer, Utah has it all. So, it may come as a surprise that Utah also offers a unique sea life experience here in the mountains. We know most you don’t come here for the sea life but trust us when we say these places will be totally worth your time this summer. Here are some of Utah’s most unique man-made and natural aquariums.

Bonneville Seabase

Photo Courtesy Bonneville Seabase

You may want to grab your compass for this one because 40 miles west of Salt Lake City, sits a little desert oasis waiting for your attention. Bonneville Seabase offers a unique experience hard to find anywhere else. We don’t claim to know the exact science of it but are told that spring water rises through the lake-bed and becomes almost 3 percent salt water. This natural phenomenon has created an area for snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Visitors can explore the depths of this inland sea and find out what kind of life lives below. Check out one of the most unique natural aquariums in Utah and visit the link to find out more.


This popular aquarium is home to approximately 1200 animals of 300 different species. Visitors can explore realistically themed exhibits and have hands-on experiences with sharks, stingrays, capybara and many more creatures along the way. Anyone looking for a more daring experience can experience snorkeling with reef sharks, stingrays and hundreds of other tropical fish. Plan your trip today with family or friends and check out SeaQuests website for more information.

Natural History Museum of Utah

Photo Courtesy University of Utah Museum of Natural History, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A favorite of many of local Utahns; the Museum features several different exhibits allowing visitors to explore Utah’s unique history. This museum does not have an aquarium but does feature 11 permanent exhibits that include a little bit of everything. One exhibit you may want to check it this summer is The Great Salt Lake exhibit. It features real-life smells and sounds of the Great Salt Lake. We’re not sure that the smell of the lake is the best thing to recreate, but it is still worth a visit for those who haven’t stopped in yet. Visitors can walk around the recreated lake and get a close up look of some of the lakes smaller inhabitants. For more information please check out their website.

The Living Planet Aquarium

Located in Draper, Utah, The Living Planet Aquarium has been the tropical oasis get away for those with an itch for sea life. This aquarium is the perfect get away for the summer. It features five main exhibits. Take a walk down the 40 foot long shark tunnel and learn more about the many different species of shark that are out there. Head over to the aquariums newest gallery, Expedition: Asia featuring asian otters, giant fish and clouded leopards. Visitors wanting a more hands-on experience can experience the Antarctic without the freezing temperatures that come with it. Visitors can walk around with the only penguins in Utah.

The Living Planet Aquarium is currently expanding. They will be building a new science learning campus that will empower thousands of more Utahns and visitors to learn more about the worlds ecosystems. For more information on reservations, tickets and the new project check out their website.


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