5 Unique Places for Back-to-School Pictures

School is upon us. Sure you could just pose the kids on the stoop like you always do. But you can do better than that! These are precious memories and there are empty spots on your Instagram feed. Salt Lake has plenty of scenery around the city and we’ve gathered some of our favorite spots-from weird to wild—to get your back to school pictures taken.

Weird: Gilgal Sculpture Garden 

Thomas Battersby Child Jr. is the creator of this spectacular sculpture garden featuring some very interesting stone art. His lifelong work was to create an environment that inspired visitors to ponder “the unsolved mysteries of life.” So, if you find yourself looking for a place to take back to school pictures check out the sights at Gilgal Gardens.

Majestic: LDS Conference Center Rooftop

When it’s not being used for LDS Church’s semi-annual general conference, the conference center offers tours of the building to the public everyday 9 a.m – 9 p.m. Admission is free and the building is handicap accessible. Back to school photos can be taken on the rooftop of the conference, providing an amazing back drop of downtown Salt Lake.

Urban: City Creek Sky Bridge

City Creek offers so much from shopping to amazing views all around the mall. The sky bridge that connects the two halves of City Creek offers elevated views of downtown Main Street. The bridge offers the perfect backdrop for those daring enough to get a picture. So, while your out there shopping make sure to check out the sky bridge for this year’s back to school pictures.

Whimsical: Gallivan Center Fountains

The Gallivan Center is home to thousands of events that go on every year in downtown Salt Lake City. The venue itself is gorgeous and is worth a trip to if you haven’t been. We highly recommend getting your back to school pictures taken at the fountains there. Your Instagram won’t regret it!

Gritty: Exchange Place Parking Garage

The parking garage for exchange place has turned out to be a pretty popular place for aspiring Instagram models to get their pictures taken. We thought it would be great for those of you wanting to get back to school pictures done. The top of the parking garage offers some pretty incredible views of downtown and remains empty for the most part.

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Johnny Max Thomas
Johnny Max Thomashttps://www.saltlakemagazine.com/
Johnny is a former marketing intern at Salt Lake Magazine. He attended BYU and studied communications with an emphasis in news media. He is from the Los Angeles area and loves the scenery in Utah. When he is not in the office you can probably find him up on the slopes during the winter and trying to stay cool during the summer.

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