6ish Reasons SLC does not = Dubai.

In one of the Top 10 Dumbest Examples of Click Bait, Elle magazine anointed SLC “the new Dubai.”

We know…WTF? But under a list of “29 reasons to go shopping,” the magazine editors—who we bet have ever laid spike heel in Utah—included SLC. Here’s what the said:

3. Because Salt Lake is the new Dubai. | City Creek Center, Salt Lake City

A 700,000-square-foot mecca of choreographed fountains, 18-foot waterfalls, and a fully retractable glass roof that houses stores such as Tiffany & Co. and Michael Kors.

OK, we’ll take the bait. Here are some reasons that SLC, indeed, is the New Dubai.

• They have really tall skyscrapers (Burj Khalifa, 2,700 feet). Kalifa-iz-perspektive-ptice

We have a tallish building  (Church Office Building, 420 feet)! churchoffice

• Under U.E.A. law, multiple crimes carry death by firing squad.firingsquad

We used to shoot people, but we got better. (Though some lawmakers want to reinstate it.)utahfiringsquad

• Dubai has land art. dubailandart

We have land art. spiraljettysunset

• Dubai attracts shoppers from around the globe.  globe

City Creek Mall brings in shoppers from Idaho. potato

• Women’s rights in Dubai suck. Husbands can beat their wives and rape victims can be imprisoned.

BYU women risked expulsion for reporting sexual abuse. BYU got better.

• Dubai’s women wear burkas.burka

Utah’s modest women wear … burkas.polyggals

• In devout Dubai, the shopping goes on 24-7.

In New Dubai, City Creek closes on Sundays.

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