Utah has so many uniquely breathtaking destinations to visit – so many that I tend to lose track. But there is one place in particular that is unlike any other in all of the state, and has stolen my heart, Goblin Valley State Park in Emery County. Although Goblin Valley doesn’t have as much hype as, let’s say Arches National Park, or Zion, it’s just as (if not more) magnificent. (And no, you won’t find any goblins roaming around).

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Goblin Valley:

  1. The geology: Seriously, if you’re into rocks as much as I am, this is the place for you. The park is filled with thousands of hoodoos, which we refer to as goblins. Hoodoos are the mushroom-like rock formations that have been naturally eroding for millions of years.

2. The scenery: Okay, this seems obvious but this place is insanely gorgeous. The scenery here is out of this world. You will feel like you are on a different planet. Anyone remember the silly 1999 sci-fi film Galaxy Quest starring Tim Allen? It was filmed in Goblin Valley based on its stunning Mars-like landscape.

3. To feel small: When I stood in the expansive field of hoodoos, I felt like the smallest human on Earth. There’s something quite grounding about being in an environment that’s millions of years old, and a respect gained from knowing it’ll (hopefully) continue being there for millions of years after you.

4. To sit down: After hiking all the wonderful hikes Goblin Valley has to offer, it’s time to sit down for a second and let all that natural beauty really soak in. As if the environment knew someday we’d be exploring it’s sandy terrain, Goblin Valley has offered us the best seat in the house (see picture of me to the right).

5. To take a selfie: Are you looking to find the best spot in Utah to take a selfie? Look no further. The scenery, the lighting, the colors – Goblin Valley has it all. Not to mention that Goblin Valley was last years winner of Best of the Beehive’s Best Selfie. It’s safe to say that Goblin Valley is definitely one of the most picturesque locations in all of the Beehive.

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