5 Throwback Shows to Binge Watch Now

So it’s day 7 (or is it 8?) of social isolation and you’ve already binge watched three different shows. You’re having a “binge watchers block” on what to watch next. Instead of looking at what’s new on your streaming services, why not take a look at what’s old? Here’s a list of some classic, feel-good throwback television series that you should binge watch now!

1. Seinfeld: Deemed one of the greatest shows of all time, I probably don’t have to explain the premise of this show, nonetheless, four quirky and single friends face the comical and trivial day-to-day life in New York City. Hilarious, sarcastic and just a bit dry, what more could you want? (Available to watch on Hulu)

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: WHERE ARE MY HORROR PEOPLE! Guys, this show is for you. Teenager Buffy Summers might seem like your average “girl next door” but she is, in fact, a vampire slayer- a slayer of all forces of darkness, actually. (Available to watch on Hulu)

3. Gilmore Girls: This is the most adorable show of all time. I have watched this show completely though over 4 times (yes, seriously). And I am still not over it. Single mom, Lorelai Gilmore raises her teenage daughter in a small-town made up of quirky neighbors. (Available to watch on Netflix)

4. Smallville: Like superheroes? In this interpretation of Superman, Clark Kent has to figure out how to deal with his superpowers all while trying to live a normal teenage life. (Available to watch on Hulu)

5. Scrubs: This is actually one of my personal favorite shows. A bit of drama, a whole lot of comedy and just a touch of romance makes for super easy and enjoyable watching. A goofy storyline that follows the lives of new medical students on their journeys to become (not-so) professional doctors. (Available to watch on Hulu)

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