7 Questions From ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ Season 2 Trailer

Love it or hate it (and plenty of Utahns truly do hate it), the housewives are here to stay. After a wild first season was embraced by reality TV junkies and even some critics, Bravo quickly renewed the series, and after months of waiting, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 trailer was released today. Here are our most burning questions ahead of the series’ return on Sept. 12.

1) Is Jen Shah going to jail?
Real Housewives fans knew about what will likely be the season’s most dramatic development months before the trailer debuted: Real Housewife Jen Shah has gotten into real trouble. In March, she was indicted by The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York on fraud charges. Along with her assistant Stuart Smith, Jen allegedly ran a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme. If convicted, she could face up to thirty years in prison. The case is still ongoing—earlier this week, Jen appeared at a Manhattan federal court to set a trial date for her case.

The trailer promises that the legal drama will be a major plot point of Season 2. Jen, who is known for dramatic outbursts and inciting conflict among the cast, is seen emotionally discussing the case with the other cast members and her husband, University of Utah football coach Sharrieff Shah. And while we don’t have details yet, the trailer suggests that Jen’s frenemy Meredith Marks may have provided evidence to the DA. (“Who’s calling who a fraud? Love you baby. Bye!” Meredith says.) At the end of the trailer, Jen is left with one pressing question: “Do I need to add Kim Kardashian to our legal team?”

2) Wait, did Mary get arrested too?
Speaking of legal turmoil, Jen isn’t the only Housewife who has recently gotten in trouble with the law. Last week, fans learned that Mary Cosby was charged with “providing shelter to a runaway” and “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” The alleged crimes took place in April, and she pleaded not guilty in June. Precious few details are known publicly about the case, and the alleged incidents are not a part of the trailer. Viewers are left wondering if and how these mysterious charges will play into Season 2.

3) Who is the new Housewife?
Along with all six of the original RHOSLC Housewives, Season 2 welcomes Jennie Nguyen, a new cast member. In the trailer, Jen calls Jennie “a little firecracker.” (On the ski slopes, she screams “shut the fuck up” at the other women, so I’m sure she’ll fit right in.) Jennie, a Vietnamese-American mother of three, “recently sold her medical spas to become a stay-at-home mom” according to her Bravo bio. In the trailer, her husband Duy says he wants more children, which Jennie opposes, and he even suggests finding a “sister wife” to add to the family. Jennie’s presence on the show, and her relationships with the other Housewifes, remains one of the season’s biggest question marks. 

4) Who is fighting with who?
Ever-shifting allegiances and petty drama fuel every Real Housewives franchise, and keeping up with who is mad at who is both a challenge and part of the fun. Last season’s reunion healed some old wounds and reignited other rivalries, and the trailer suggests that the drama will continue to grow. It seems that Meredith vs. Jen will be a major storyline, though all of the women (besides maybe Heather Gay) appear to be upset with Jen. The trailer gives no hints about the feud between Heather and Lisa Barlow, which emerged as one of the more surprising dynamics at the reunion. Surely there will be plenty of new rivalries, old beefs and surprising alliances in the episodes to come.

5) Are any of these women having enough sex?
This trailer left me concerned about each and every one of the Housewives’ sex lives. Horny icon Heather wears a blurred-out penis hat for some reason. Mary says that she and Robert Sr., her husband/step-grandpa, always sleep in separate bedrooms. THEN Whitney Rose tells her husband Justin that she wants to have more sex, and the trailer immediately cuts to him spanking her while they’re both covered in mud. (Okay, so maybe those two are just fine.)

6) What’s the deal with Mary’s church?
With any series set in Utah, religion is bound to play a role. The cast is surprisingly religiously diverse—Lisa is a self-described “Mormon 2.0,” Meredith is Jewish and Jen converted to Islam. Religion is especially important to Mary, a pastor at the Pentecostal Faith Temple Church in Salt Lake. There have been plenty of unsubstantiated rumors about strange practices at her church, and it appears that Season 2 will dive into the controversies. In the trailer, a man makes surprising allegations against Faith Temple to Lisa, saying, “Is it a cult? Yes. Does she call herself God? Yes.” Mary’s unusual marriage may only be the beginning. 

7) Did Whitney start a forest fire?
Less than 20 seconds into the trailer, Whitney drops a lit lantern onto the grass. Come on girl! We’re in a drought!

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