7 Wedding Ideas for the Food & Wine Lover

1- Use your personal style and vision for the wedding event, and infuse that into the food and beverage menu in fun ways. For example, maybe you got engaged over a bowl of seafood pasta and want to incorporate a dish to reference that.  It doesn’t need to be the exact dish, just something fun that references a special moment.

2- Selecting a restaurant venue that matches your style can be a great way to get outstanding food and beverages at a reasonable price. A restaurant provides built-in decor, plus typically includes the tables/chairs, dishes, linens, etc. as part of their event pricing. So you may be able to just add a few vases of fresh flowers to complete the decor and have a beautiful setting for a fraction of the cost of a typical wedding venue.

photo by Heather Nan

3- If you have favorite wines, work those into the event. Or leverage the knowledge of a restaurant sommelier to help select wines that match the style, food and budget of your event.

Recipe by Finca
1 1/2 oz Ransom Old Tom Gin
1/2 oz yellow chartreuse
1/4 oz Licor 43
1/2 oz lemon
1 barspoon Amour Raspberry Rose Preserves (local made)
1 drop rose water
Optional: rim with Madagascar bourbon vanilla dust

4- Plan a few fun cocktails with cheeky names that reference memories for the couple or unique interests that represent the bride and groom. The restaurant likely has a cocktail menu you could start with and rename two of them to serve as your signature cocktails, or you can use their expertise to develop something custom for the perfect wedding beverages.




5- Match the tone of the event with how the food is served. For a formal wedding or event, a plated dinner menu will be elegant and allow time to savor the meal and beverages. For a more casual event, buffet stations or heavy passed appetizers work well.

Photo by Keri Michelle

6- If you have a limited budget or want a casual event, consider other times of day and meals, like a brunch or lunch event. You can typically host a full brunch or lunch meal, or even an in-between meal event, for half the cost of a full dinner event.

7- Keep the dessert costs minimal with small bites or buffet desserts to finish a meal. If you’re using a restaurant to host your wedding event, you can also ask about creating the wedding cake or other favors as well.


Finca is a modern, Spanish-style restaurant with a from-scratch menu made from locally sourced ingredients. Located in downtown Salt Lake City, Finca is a unique and elegant venue with two private dining rooms, flexible space, and customized food and beverage menu options. Finca also provides off-site catering for weddings and events. For more information or to get a custom quote on your upcoming event, visit finca.com.

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