8 Things You Don’t Want to Miss This Week

Dogs! Bette Midler! Books! The Ramones! Astrophysics! POISON!

Goodness, this week has everything!

Wednesday, October 10

Sometimes the Salt Lake Public Library pulls out all the books it doesn’t need anymore and sells them to the public at super low prices. This week is one of those sales. Even better, friends of the library get a preview day before the masses get their shot. Whaddya mean you’re not a friend of the library? Fix that, here. Details on the sale, which runs through Saturday, here.

Thursday, October 11

Ok. Try to keep up, because this is confusing. Tom Larsen is better known as Major Tom—the lead singer of a David Bowie tribute band. But he also has a regular band, the Vistanauts. And that band, not the Bowie cover band, is headlining a Ramones Tribute night at Urban Lounge. So it’s kind of like Bowie paying tribute to the Ramones. Which kind of makes sense, actually.

Also playing: Wicked Bears, Jail City Rockers and Creepy Uncle Steve. Tickets are $3.

Saturday, October 13

Doonesbury cartoonist and liberal voice Garry Trudeau will be speaking at the Eccles Centre in Park City to kick off Park City Institute’s fall and winter programming. He’s promoting his new books #SAD! and YUGE! about—you guessed it—the President.

Every year in October, Liberty Park goes to the dogs. Literally. Strut Your Mutt, the annual all-paws on deck pet parade is a bring-your-own-fido fundraiser for the animal-based charity of your choosing, organized by rescue-powerhouse Best Friends.

Depending on who you ask, Romeo and Juliet is either the best or the worst love story ever told. I think it’s about a couple of dumb kids and poor parenting-decisions, personally. And don’t even get me started on that stupid friar. Anyway, maybe the opera has a happier ending? Find out when Utah Opera kicks it’s season off with the tragedy.

Sunday, October 14

In case the pumpkin patch photos on your social media haven’t tipped you off, it’s Halloween-time. Why should kids have all the fun? Brewvies is screening the Disney classic Hocus Pocus with booze and without children. I think this is for the best—kids don’t appreciate Bette Midler the way they ought to anyway, the monsters.

Monday, October 15

It’d be hard to find anyone in town who knows more about booze than friend-of-Salt Lake magazine, Jimmy Santangelo. And you definitely won’t find anyone more charming. Find out more about fall’s favorite drink from Wine Academy of Utah—and Jimmy—at a cider education and tasting event.

Tuesday, October 16

He’s the closest thing science has to a rock star. Neil DeGrasse Tyson has a cult-like following for his ability to distill the complexities of astrophysics into bite-sized chunks we can all understand. He’s like America’s cool teacher, right down to the astrological-themed vests he often wears. He’s at The Eccles Theater, presumably to promote his newest book, Accessory to War.

Christie Marcy
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