I think we can all agree that 2020 has been an incredibly stressful year. Every month seems to bring something new to worry about and the winter season is slowly creeping in, bringing with it shorter days and triggering seasonal depression. There’s been a lot of weight on our shoulders and I for one have been feeling run down.

So I was pleasantly surprised when St. Regis at Deer Valley reached out to me to experience their Remède Spa, which has implemented innovative COVID-friendly ways to keep their guests feeling safe, secure and most importantly, relaxed.

Spa Director, Benjamin Donat

Upon arrival, I spoke with the new Spa Director, Benjamin Donat. “It’s funny,” Benjamin said, “cleanliness has always been a huge priority. But we never wanted to be seen by the guests. Things are different now. We want guest to know how important cleanliness is to St. Regis and the Remède Spa. And guests are happy to see us sanitizing and wiping every surface down.”

I’ll be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about getting a spa treatment. So I asked Benjamin how the spa has been dealing with COVID-19. He explained that St. Regis follows guidelines set forth by the CDC and the World Health Organization and continuously monitor and evolve their solutions to ensure a continued sense of caution and security for guests and associates.

Solutions include consistent mask wearing by all hotel and spa employees, temperature checking, sanitizer is easily accessible throughout the hotel and spa, spa guests must wear a mask during their spa treatments, deep cleaning of all spa rooms and spa amenities and spa services require an appointment that must be booked in advance.

After hearing about all the guidelines Remède Spa is following I was ready for my treatment. I decided to go with the hot poultice massage. (I took up running in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown and frankly haven’t been doing the correct stretches after my runs, so this treatment was perfect.) The poultice combines herbs wrapped in cloth and a customized oil which is then steamed and used to massage fatigued muscles. The heat of the poultice relieved soreness and penetrated muscles I had been neglecting for quite a while. This treatment completely rebalanced my body. And while I wore a mask the entire treatment, I was so relaxed that I forgot I had it on.

My massage therapist, Angelica, said it best. “We all need to take small moments for ourselves. Away from the news, away from the current worry of the world. We all deserve self care, it just takes making the time for ourselves.” Now more than ever we need to take breaks. Whether that’s treating yourself to an 80 minute massage, or just sitting in a quiet room, make sure you take small moments for yourself to decompress.

Remède Spa is currently offering Utah residents 20% off massages and facial treatments and complimentary enhancements when you book any massage. (Enhancements include Soothing Shae, a hydration treatment; Cold Therapy, a treatment for pain; or a CBD enhancement.)

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