A Manly Makeover

In a society that prizes machismo and often promotes toxic masculinity, not many dudes want to own up to getting facials or laser hair removal or breast reductions. But more and more men are getting cosmetic procedures and aesthetic treatments than ever before. So, maybe it’s about time we lose the machisma and the stigma?

Marina Helm has worked as a Master Medical Esthetician for 10 years. She’s spent the last four at Lucienne Salon, Spa and Boutique, and, in that time, she says she’s seen more men coming in and using the aesthetic services. “Laser hair removal, body treatments, facials for skin maintenance—men are joining the beauty industry more and more,” she says. 

One of the top procedures Helm performs on men is called an EmSculpt. The device uses radio-frequency heating to strengthen muscles and burn fat. People ask her to firm up their abdomens, arms, legs and “a lot of toning of the buttocks,” says Helm. “A lot of those treatments are on male clients.” It sure beats doing squats, and it’s less invasive than liposuction or a sculpting lipo treatment that can arrange your fat cells to look like abs. 

But, the procedure Helm performs the most, both on men and women, is microneedling. “It’s something I do a lot of, maybe five or six treatments a day,” says Helm. The procedure is basically what it sounds like. A tiny needle pricks the skin of the face, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the body, which is supposed to create a more youthful appearance. Professionals are also seeing an uptick in men going for the surgical option as well: a good, old fashioned face lift. 

Helm sees that men are getting more comfortable with the idea of being open about the cosmetic procedures they’ve received, but, “some of them still want it to be a secret, but they are getting more involved,” says Helm. 

In the end, it’s not about which procedures are meant just for men or just for women. The truth is, we’re all just trying to fit an ideal, so let’s be upfront and open about it. 

Marina Helm is a Licensed Master Medical Aesthetician, PC Certified, Medical Laser Technician Skincare Specialist, Certified Microblading Eyebrows Artist and Body Contour Specialist.

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