A puppy gives advice on how to cope.

Today was no ordinary Monday. I wanted to treat it like it was though. The waking a.m. pee followed by a warm washcloth to my face. With ritual coffee in hand, I moseyed into the living room braless and in my PJs.

My mistake was reading something on that damn Facebook.

It’s that anxiety thing. I was starting to feel strange (well, half-on crazy). My brain fuzzy, heart beating fast, lack of focus. Then came my morning work call with lead Editor, Mary Malouf and being at home, decided to head to the back porch and sit in the sunshine. After that, I regained a bit of composure and realized my small actions (standing in the sun, talking to a friend, avoiding social media) made a big difference. No matter what your age, health concerns or fitness level, we need to support our mental well-being through all of this. How do you do deal with stress?

We could have consulted the human experts, but here’s a different perspective: an almost 4-month old French bulldog by the name of Ari. She is a puppy, and while this is not all relevant, her ears alone are enough to drop your stress levels down a notch.

ARI is:

  • the perfect social distancer and stays at home, pretty much all of the time and cuddles only with her direct-homies.
  • eats a very specific diet and doesn’t seem to mind it.
  • gets plenty of fresh air and exercise, goes out in her fenced backyard and doesn’t use TP.
  • likes her comfy bed and takes frequent naps.
  • she’s just LOVE, in the biggest most unconditional way.

Thank you Portia Mila and family for sharing her with us!

Be well SLC!!

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Jen Hill
Jen Hillhttps://www.saltlakemagazine.com/
Former Salt Lake Magazine Associate Editor Jen Hill is a SLC transplant from Bloomington, Ind. As a blogger and feature writer, Jen follows the pulse of the community with interests in urban agriculture, business, fitness & beauty and anything that allows her to get out of the office and into the mountains.

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