The show is currently casting for its sixth season, where trainers and transformation specialists, Chris and Heidi Powell, guide individuals through a year of physical, nutritional and emotional challenges—providing a fresh perspective to people whose lives have become unmanageable because of their weight.

Producers are looking for those who have around 50 percent of body weight to lose. If you or anyone you know is a candidate for this opportunity, casting will be held at the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley, 7631 Chapel St., Midvale.

To qualify you must be a U.S. resident over the age of 18.

Recently, I caught up with Utah’s Bruce Pitcher, who lost 201 pounds in 365 days on season 4.

Bruce Pitcher on the first day of his Extreme Weight Loss journey at 382 pounds.

Pitcher at the final weigh-in having lost over 200 pounds.

His advice for potential candidates is to get started now. “The producers aren’t looking for people with sob stories,” Pitcher says. “I know for a fact that they only considered me because of my passion, and because I had already mentally decided that I was going to change no matter what.”

Pitcher was one of many Utahns struggling through daily tasks because of his weight. After participating in Extreme Weight Loss, Pitcher now coaches atDestination Boot Camps in Denver and is a motivational speaker. He has made this healthy lifestyle his livelihood.

“This show completely changed my life,” Pitcher says. “It is a lot of hardwork and dedication, and you have to approach this with the right reasons. If you do it to be on TV, you won’t be successful.”

Pitcher explained that he has connected with too many people who don’t make the mental change this kind of transformation requires. He praises Chris and Heidi for the way they hold the participants responsible for creating that mentality on their own.

Chris and Heidi Powell

“This journey is unique because of Chris and Heidi,” Pitcher says. “They are two of the most genuine people in this world and truly care about the people they work with, but they don’t do the transformation for them. They hold individuals accountable to learn for themselves and that is what makes all the difference.”

The Powells approach the 365 days knowing that their companionship with the participants will ultimately come to an end, as does the show. While Chris and Heidi say they will always offer their full support, they know that in order for success to happen and continue for life, these individuals have to find the integrity to rely on themselves. “That is the most important thing they taught me, and I believe it to be the reason for my success,” Pitcher says. “Once you find your personal integrity, you hold yourself accountable and know what in your true heart is good enough for you.”

Pitcher encourages everyone who could possibly be a candidate for this journey to “go to the casting call. It isn’t going to hurt anything, and it’s a first step in your personal journey,” Pitcher says. “Even if they do turn you away, you’ve still made some progress by showing up and relying on yourself to be there.”

His best advice for candidates is to “be yourself. They don’t want you to put on a show, they want you to step out of your comfort zone and dare to make this sacrifice… if you’re not willing to [go to the casting call], you’re definitely not ready to make this transformation.”

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Photos courtesty of ABC and Extreme Weight Loss.