From the Magazine: Cuba

Cuba is one of the hottest travel destinations right now–and not just for the island’s perfect Caribbean weather. There’s a sense of urgency to Cuban tourism. About 4.5 million visitors headed to...

Video: An Airstream Basecamp Tries to Keep Up with Casey Brown

Airstream of Utah and 26-year-old phenom mountain biker Casey Brown teamed up to send Casey and her riding buddy Garret Bueler to Southern Utah in an Airstream Basecamp trailer. Watch as Casey...

Field Notes: Mary Goes to Wine Camp, Part One

Wine tasting is hard work and I don't want to hear any jokes about whining while wining. A couple times a year, Francis Fecteau, owner of Libation, Inc., takes a group of...

Oh the Places You’ll Go

Travelers flying in and out of Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) can see what looks like a steel city rising west of the airport. The construction underway is the skeleton of...

Worth the Trip: Bluff, Utah

Southeastern Utah has been in the news, big time, lately. The area that encompasses and surrounds Bears Ears National Monument is a focal point in the debate over public lands in the...

Worth the Trip: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

In the past, traveling to Europe from Utah was an all-day affair, full of transfers and hours-long layovers. For those flying from Salt Lake International Airport, traveling to Paris meant a flight...

Worth a Trip: The Best of St. Petersburg

Do storm-stricken Florida a favor and go visit. From breweries to beaches, a local shares the best of St. Pete.

Best of Both Worlds in Four Cities: Spokane, WA

Chamber of Commerce types like to say Spokane is “near nature, near perfect.”

Best of Both Worlds in Four Cities: Santa Fe, NM

In your right hand is a glass of mezcal and in your eyes a pastel-crush sunset spanning the horizon. From a rose-tinted adobe street below the balcony drift the cries of “Burn...

Best of Both Worlds in Four Cities: Boise, ID

Your choice of a Japanese-, Ethiopian- or Turkish-style breakfast is not what you’d expect from looking at this modest, mid-century former TraveLodge, now called The Modern. Even renovated, and despite the intentional graffiti-covered rear wall and the hipster-heavy clientele clustered around the fire pits, the building radiates  a corn-flake vibe. But like Boise, the nostalgic old structure houses a youthful heart.

Best of Both Worlds in Four Cities: Boulder, CO

This is a common occurrence in Boulder, a mid-sized mountain town where residents take every available opportunity to get outside.

Good Vibrations: Laguna Beach’s Dreamy scene awaits.

Laguna Beach, California, is track one, side one of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. It is the silhouette of a tousle-haired blond emerging from the surf, with a board under his arm as the sun sets.

The Never-ending Hike

An intrepid trio sets out on an epic, some might say tedious, challenge.

Tiny Living: The New Nomads

Like most outdoor enthusiasts, Matt and Sarah Park lived for the weekend—days spent hiking and rock climbing and nights spent at campsites with friends.

Moon Shadow: Watch The Great American Eclipse

On August 21 the sun will disappear from the sky in much of the country during the first total eclipse of the sun in 38 years.

Jurassic Lark: Dinosaur National Monument offers more than fossils—go east for adventure

Our first glimmer that we had passed through a secret door was a road sign on the two-lane blacktop that said “No fossils in this part of Monument.”
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