6 Downtown Al Fresco Dining Spots

We are all going to miss Caffé Molise‘s downtown location, even though their new location will be cool. But the restaurant’s patio was the best outdoor dining downtown and for some reason pleasant al fresco dining is rare in Salt Lake City. Temporary tables crammed next to parked cars are the usual; if you’re lucky there’s a canopy or umbrella.

al fresco dining

In addition to Caffé Molise’s lovely space, here are some urban oases for al fresco dining. Here’s five more that I love

  1. It turns out that Spencer’s Steaks & Chops in the Hilton has an outdoor space. It’s open for special events and the more popular the events, the more there will be. The first one is a “backyard barbecue” this Friday, August 17, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. $30 per person for food, cash bar. It’s a drop-in affair so you can hit it up anytime on your Friday night out.
  2. Eva’s patio, tucked into a little courtyard behind the restaurant is charming in an old-world urban way—a great place to linger over wine and small plates.
  3. The sunset from Em’s patio in West Capitol Hill is the best ambiance you can buy.
  4. Oasis‘ courtyard is invisible from the street, enclosed on 3 sides by the restaurant and one side by Golden Braid Bookstore, it’s one of the most serene outdoor settings in town.
  5. The upstairs deck at Stoneground Kitchen is lovely, even though it looks out over a parking lot. Sit facing the restaurant to be transported.

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